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  • One Side Only

    Posted the thread Steelers Season Predictions.

    Week 1 L Can't win in NE

    Week 2 L Will be close. Seahawks at a disadvantage playing a 1 o'clock game, but will do enough to win.

    Week 3 L Another letdown against an inferior team in the Pacific Time Zone.

    Week 4 W Can't lose to the Bengals at…
  • One Side Only

    As long as the page exists, I'm going to post game predictions.

    I really want this year's Steelers team to be better. I really do. However, I think they are going to take another step back this season, and miss the playoffs again.

    The match-up I like…
  • One Side Only

    Replied to the thread 2019 Training Camp.
    I was wrong about Sutton Smith. What a waste of a draft pick.

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