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  • James Williamson SS/FS/CB Wesley College via Cal U PA

    6'0 190 lbs
    40: 4.41 (Morgan State Pro Day Hand Time)
    4.43(2016 BSN Hand Time)
    4.48 (BSN National Scouting Combine 2016 Laser)
    225: 13 times(Morgan State Pro Day)
    Max: Bench Press: 315 Squat:430 Deadlift:525 Clean:265
    Vertical: 36 inches (Morgan State Pro Day)
    Shuttle: 4.3

    Q) What schools recruited you out of HS James ?

    A) Coming out of high school I had a lot of interest due to combines and regional camps I
    attended but academics was an issue. I didn't qualify for the NCAA Clearinghouse with my SAT
    scores before National Signing day so everyone moved on from me. The teams that were high
    interest and on my list in order were Old Dominion,Towson,Buffalo,Rhode Island,JMU and
    WVU. I had a visit to WVU and enjoyed it and loved their fans but at that moment they wanted
    me to be a DB and be a Walk-On, I wasn't interested in that at all because I wanted a
    scholarship and be a WR. But if I knew I would be a DB back then I
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  • Kalan Reed CB Southern Miss
    5'11 -192
    4.38-40 - 41.5 vertical both recorded at his pro day
    Southern Miss record with 19 passes defended in 2015

    Scouts raved about his explosiveness and overall physical ability but not many in the draft world are giving him much due respect .

    I believe this is one of many cases where there is a disconnect in what teams are seeing and what the so called " experts" are not .

    Today we are going to try and bridge the gap a little bit from the two perspectives and let you learn a little more about the prospect.

    Here is what I have learned about the man prior to this interview .

    He has the speed and quick twitch you look for
    He is a willing tackler and will stick his head in there to aid you in run defense
    He is big enough to play outside , size may not be ideal but it's close enough and when you couple that with his vertical he is plenty long enough
    He will challenge the catch point of the ball in the air and not just cover the man
    He has
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  • Domonique Wyatt OG / OC

    Oklahoma Panhandle State University

    Q) what are your true measurements , I hate using team sites because they are often unreliable

    A) 6'2 329lbs

    Q) What major programs recruited you coming out of High School ?

    A) Some people may not know I only played 1 year of High School Football which was my senior year.
    I did pretty good as was decently recruited. I was offered a scholarship from 2 D1 programs; Arkansas State &
    University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. I also was being offered a preferred walk on spot by the Razorbacks, University of Arkansas.
    I was also being recruited by ULM, Louisiana Tech, Southeast Missouri and UCA.
    I also had a bunch of D2 offers and talked with some Juco schools as well.
    Coming out of high school and only playing 1 year of football
    I didn't have the confidence and trust in my abilities to play major D1 football and really didn't know what a Juco was
    so I went with D2 Oklahoma Panhandle State University. I… [Read More]
  • Jamel Major CB
    Oklahoma Panhandle Football
    5'9" 175

    Welcome everyone sit back and relax and lets learn a few things about this young corner Jamel Major from Oklahoma Panhandle State

    First things first size is always a factor at the next level and Jamel has a slight disadvantage in that department coming in at 5'9 -175 however
    he will not be an outside Corner at the next level he will be a slot cover man who excels in the short to intermediate area with quickness and ball skills
    and he has both of those covered in spades .

    When you plug in the tape one of the first things I took note of is how fluid his movement is ,
    turns on a dime without losing much if any speed and his head is always on a swivel taking note of his surroundings.
    Jamel always knows where the ball is !
    You just can't teach those things

    So Lets get down to business and see what else we can uncover about this prospect that we may have not already known .

    Thank you Jamel for taking the time out of your… [Read More]
  • Jonte TrainWreck Berry OG-OT
    Northwestern Oklahoma University
    6'5"-320 pounds of Nasty

    Many will ask who is this kid and where is Northwestern Oklahoma University ..
    after reading this description and interview if you still question why I took the time to do this
    interview view the tape attached at the bottom and all your questions should then be answered !

    Talent can be found at every level of college football and sometimes you will be amazed at just how much talent is actually out there you have never heard of .
    Today will be one of those days !

    This young man is very talented and plays with a mean streak in him and for me that is an important aspect to your game when
    you're playing in the trenches because it can get ugly and this man is built for the task .

    You can teach technique , you can teach scheme but you can not teach physicality or desire and he has the latter two in spades !

    Many think " nasty" is going to get you thug mentality but that is not the case here ,
    we have… [Read More]

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  • Lemonhead -

    Liked ubudog’s post in the thread Ben tells Antonio Brown to shut up.

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    you have to love that... but you also have to love the fact that AB wants the ball and the best part of that is that he produces when he has it. i would probably be pissed if Brown bitched about not getting the ball but didn't produce much...but man,…
  • Lemonhead -

    Liked ubudog’s post in the thread Jack Lambert, Greg Lloyd, and James Harrison together!.

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    who do you tick off? the crazy guy, the black belt, or the gorilla? lol
  • Lemonhead -

    Liked Dwinsgames’s post in the thread Jack Lambert, Greg Lloyd, and James Harrison together!.

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    now there is an event worth attending
  • Lemonhead -

    Liked Mistah_Q’s post in the thread Steelers vs Eagles Guru.

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    They suck, we'll crush them
  • Lemonhead -

    Liked primantibro1’s post in the thread Steelers vs Eagles Guru.

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    Been awhile. Great to see everybody... I don't want to play in Philly because we always lose there. But, because we have the players to win a SB, we have to win where it is tough. That is what SB teams do. Because the have a rookie QB AND because we…
  • Shoes -

    Replied to the thread Steelers vs Eagles Guru.

    I really like Wentz, this kid is going to be a good one imo and I'm glad the Browns missed the boat again. Having said that, picks/sacks/fumbles will be on the menu for him tomorrow. I think the Steelers have turned the corner on the sluggish year after…
  • ubudog -

    Replied to the thread Steelers vs Eagles Guru.

    this game smells of debacle and letdown. especially after all the hype of the cinci game and how it transpired without a single occurrence because of Burfict being suspended. all the classic signs. rookie QB, philly hasn't really played a caliber team…
  • Dwinsgames -

    Liked Mistah_Q’s post in the thread Steelers vs Eagles Guru.

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    They suck, we'll crush them
  • Mistah_Q -

    Replied to the thread Steelers vs Eagles Guru.

    They suck, we'll crush them
  • One Side Only -

    Replied to the thread Steelers vs Eagles Guru.

    Carson Wentz comes down to earth this week, but is helped by defensive and special teams touchdowns, as the rookie QB remains undefeated. 31 - 29 Eagles Darren Sproles is the star of the game with over 150 rushing, receiving and return yards combined.…
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