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    Photo . Don Hennon ( left All American pitt basketball same year as Wilt Chamberlain ) Middle Harold Allen ... Right Richie " Dick" Allen , Wampum High School basketball

    Pretty good article ( at bottom ) on a damn nice guy who was misunderstood by the masses in an era that was less than ideal for black players ..

    My Take from personal experiences

    A large part of why Richie " Dick " Allen was misunderstood lies deeper than anyone cares to investigate .

    How do I know you may ask , well its simple we come from the same hometown , in fact the House he had built for his late departed mother is literally 45 seconds from my house by car .

    Richie is quite a few years older than me and went to High School with my Uncle they where in the same graduating class ( a class of 20 something kids ) .

    I have had the pleasure of speaking with him on many occasions through out the years as he still comes home ( to his mothers old home ) every year for 3-4 months and we run into one another at… [Read More]
  • Larry D. Butler III
    Southern Nazarene Univ Linebacker.
    2x All American
    6'1 245 4.6-40

    First let me say put the small school label away to all the nay sayer's out there
    that discredit potential of small school guys because in this case it just does not apply !

    If this man played at Tennessee and put up the film even close to
    what he has done you would be all over him singing his praises .... here is a hint
    He had an offer to play at Tennessee but the SEC’s 3-semester rule kind of messed that up for him.

    As many of you know by now I take my time with prospects , I study the
    film closely many times over , I get to know the prospect not only as a
    player but as a person and if the man does not measure up to the athlete
    I let it pass by and do nothing ...

    I offer interviews to only those who are up to the challenge
    of being a good citizen as well as good football player , I shy away from malcontents ,
    trouble makers and guys with a history of bad behavior...

    Here is five… [Read More]
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    Cras dignissim sit amet est… [Read More]

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