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    My logic is this every year we have 3-4-5 QBs that everyone drools all over themselves about prior to the draft

    of those 3 to 5 QBs how many of them 3-4-5 years down the road have panned out ?

    20% or less end up being the guy everyone seemed to think they would be

    you want to double down on the currency spent ( 1st round picks ) for a shot at getting a guy who has a 20-30% chance or less of being what you thought he would be ? go for it I will laugh at your efforts more often than you will give me reason to applaud them ...

    2015 QBs went 1 and 2 overall neither have set the world on fire in the wins department

    2014 Three QBs drafted in the first round and Bortles in the only 1 with his original team

    2013 EJ Manual was only QB drafted in 1st round where is he at ?

    2012 Luck ,RG3 , Ryan Tannehill and Branden Weeden ... how many playoff wins do they have combined ?

    2011 Cam Newton , Jake Locker ,Blaine Gabbert ,

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    so after seeing Tomlin had a meal with the young man I decided it was time to dig into some tape on him .

    had read reports he was to thin , stiff in the hips , lacks physicality etc etc etc

    also read his pro day he showed to be very fluid in during drills ....

    so to the tape I go because clearly you can not be stiff in the hips and fluid in the hips ( somebody is wrong )

    mind you I just have an hour or so into looking this kid over a couple abbreviated games and a couple highlight films ..

    this is my take away ....

    he is long and lean , ( did put on 10 pounds from junior to sr year ) but would like to see a few more pounds added he has the frame for it at 6'3 -200

    he is not afraid of contact but does have a tendency at times to arm tackle ( he wont get away with that in the NFL ) but he isn't afraid to square up and hit you either so it is a coach able tendency ..

    he is a collegiate long jumper for gods sake how stiff could he be was my thought going in and I came away feeling

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    This was a post on another forum that I frequent and felt it was an outstanding view of how many fans feel about kneeling / sitting during our National Anthem and before our Flag that represents the men and women who have fought bled and often times died to protect our rights to protest among others ...

    Why is it that the players can protest anything they want about anything they want, but someone posting his displeasure about players protesting on a Steelers message board is being attacked for taking a stand?

    The ultimate protest is for the people that pay for the whole fucking NFL experience to walk away from the game and voice their anger about the direction the game has been taking from a political standpoint.

    To those of you who believe the players have the right to protest, how many among us that aren't self-employed are allowed to conduct a political protest of any kind when working for someone else? These guys have microphones shoved in their faces constantly. They can

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    by Military Law AV was and is required to stand at attention for the Anthem and Flag if the team can not support him then they will just have to get over themselves ....... James Harrison and Mike Tomlin included

    As a Three tour of duty US Army Ranger ( and reservist ) the big left Tackle had more on his mind than what a group of men who never defended anything other than a blade of grass had to say and I applaud him for it even if only done through obligation ( conjecture )

    Troops learn during basic training and officer training — their first introduction to the military — about saluting when the anthem is played and the flag is raised. The ritual is referred to as the "call to colors." Military rules obligate servicemen and women to salute when they hear the anthem if they are in uniform. Those who happen to be in an area where the flag is being raised must salute the flag. If they don't see the flag around them, they're expected to stop and salute in the

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