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    so after seeing Tomlin had a meal with the young man I decided it was time to dig into some tape on him .

    had read reports he was to thin , stiff in the hips , lacks physicality etc etc etc

    also read his pro day he showed to be very fluid in during drills ....

    so to the tape I go because clearly you can not be stiff in the hips and fluid in the hips ( somebody is wrong )

    mind you I just have an hour or so into looking this kid over a couple abbreviated games and a couple highlight films ..

    this is my take away ....

    he is long and lean , ( did put on 10 pounds from junior to sr year ) but would like to see a few more pounds added he has the frame for it at 6'3 -200

    he is not afraid of contact but does have a tendency at times to arm tackle ( he wont get away with that in the NFL ) but he isn't afraid to square up and hit you either so it is a coach able tendency ..

    he is a collegiate long jumper for gods sake how stiff could he be was my thought going in and I came away feeling

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