CB Jamel Major 2016 NFL Draft Prospect interview

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  • Jamel Major CB
    Oklahoma Panhandle Football
    5'9" 175

    Welcome everyone sit back and relax and lets learn a few things about this young corner Jamel Major from Oklahoma Panhandle State

    First things first size is always a factor at the next level and Jamel has a slight disadvantage in that department coming in at 5'9 -175 however
    he will not be an outside Corner at the next level he will be a slot cover man who excels in the short to intermediate area with quickness and ball skills
    and he has both of those covered in spades .

    When you plug in the tape one of the first things I took note of is how fluid his movement is ,
    turns on a dime without losing much if any speed and his head is always on a swivel taking note of his surroundings.
    Jamel always knows where the ball is !
    You just can't teach those things

    So Lets get down to business and see what else we can uncover about this prospect that we may have not already known .

    Thank you Jamel for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer some questions for our readers .

    Q) What all schools recruited you coming out of HS and how or why did you choose Oklahoma Panhandle State ?

    A) Since I only played 1 year of high school football which was my senior year, many schools overlooked me,
    and didn't take notice of me. I only had half scholarships from Bethune Cookman and another one from Oklahoma Panhandle State University.
    I know what you're probably thinking, who would choose a school called the Oklahoma Panhandle State in the middle of nowhere.
    Well throughout my recruiting process I built a great a bond with my defensive backs coach, he would call me daily to check up on me and see how I was doing.
    So that's the main reason I chose a small school like the Panhandle, and didn't regret my decision one bit.

    Q) Where have you been training and what are your focal points in training at this juncture ?

    A) I've been training at the Chris Chambers facility in Davie, FL. And the focal points of my training have been maximizing my strength,
    gaining speed and explosiveness, as well as improving my football skill set with former NFL pro bowler Sam Madison, which has been going very well so far.

    Q) do you currently have an agency working with you and if so who might that be ?

    A) Yes my agent is Ronald Johnson out of Connecticut, and the agency is called ARON sports.

    Q) At what age did you come to realize playing football could be your life's work ?

    A) I realized football could be my life's work when I first put on the pads at the age of 5, ever since that day I just couldn't stay away from the sport.
    I sleep, eat, and think about football, it's literally always on my mind. I have a deep and true passion for this wonderful game.

    Q) If you had one memory you could frame and hang on your wall from playing football
    what would it be ?

    A) If I had one memory I could frame and put on my wall it would be me winning the orange bowl in little league, t
    hat was the last time I actually went to the playoffs and won something big, and I could never forget where it all started in Lauderhill, FL.

    Q) Most memorable Game and why ?

    A) My most memorable game would be playing against the University of Montana, just the atmosphere alone was amazing,
    that was the first time I played in front of a crowd that large. I couldn't hear anything, and the competition was even better,
    I've always been told in order to be the best you have to beat the best. So that's always been my mindset, and I believe I played well in that game not giving up a reception.

    Q) What physical trait makes you who you are as a player ?

    A)My quickness, footwork, IQ, and strength, I know I named a lot but I believe that all of these traits set me apart from
    everyone else and makes me who I am. I can make plays all around the ball, get off blocks to make tackles,
    cover anyone in the nation, and my confidence has always been high

    Q) How big is your mental game (trash talking , physicality ) that sort of stuff

    A)My mental game is very big, I've never been a huge trash talker but I've always found a way to shut up my opponents.
    Mainly by locking them down or taking by them out the game or at least my side of the field.
    I let my game do the talking, and just smile at my opponents when I catch an interception or break up a pass.

    Q) Growing up who did you mold your game after , and who where your favorite player's ?

    A)Growing up I molded my game after Darrell Green, he was also an undersized cornerback like myself who found a way to make plays around the ball.
    Both Darrell Green and Deion Sanders were my favorite players growing up. Deion had so much swagger and confidence that I love growing up.

    Q) What gives you greater satisfaction a Forced Fumble or Int ?

    A)Being a defensive back an INT gives me more satisfaction simply because it's what all defensive backs want.
    It's no greater feeling then helping your team win by locking up your receiver and competing for the ball and taking it away from him.

    Q) Where do you see yourself after football ?

    A)After football I see myself owning a few businesses that I invested in over my time in the league and
    just watching my investments grow in front of me, and becoming a successful business man.

    Q) Jamel what is the one thing about you most people
    would be surprised to know ? ( hobby , quirky habit, game day ritual ,whatever )

    A) A quirky habit would be using the restroom at least twice before the game, idk why but I have to use the restroom or I wont feel right before the game.

    Q) Your ability to make so many plays on the ball , from film study or athletic ability ?

    A) I would say both, I study film a lot of my opponents tendencies, throughout the first couple of plays I could tell if my opponent is
    physical or just want to catch the ball. My athletic ability comes natural, so there's not many adjustments I have to make in order to win against my opponent.
    It comes down to just reacting and knowing what your opponent is going to do in certain situations.

    Q) The leap to the NFL will be quite large , it is for every prospect but even more so for small school kids , what in your opinion
    will be your most difficult aspect in the transition the complexity of the NFL playbooks or the leap in talent level ?

    A) the most difficult aspect would be definitely the complexity of the NFL playbooks, because there will be more then what I had at my school,
    and much more then a cover 0 or cover 2 call. Talent wise I feel I can compete with anybody so that won't really be much of a challenge for me, even though I respect every athletes game.

    Q) Outside of football what one person has had the most effect on your life and why ?

    A)My grandfather has had the most effect on my life, he's my truly my hero. He's done everything in his power to ensure me a great life and I can't wait to do the same for him.

    Q) Finish the sentence .... Jamel Major will never ?

    A)Jamel Major will never quit, and always go 110 percent until the whistle is blown.

    Q) Finish the sentence .... Jamel Major will always ?

    A)Jamel Major will always work harder then anyone else on the team, and do anything to help my team win.

    Q) If you could have just 5 min. with a GM to tell him why he should draft you what do you tell him ?

    A)If I had 5 min with the GM I would tell him he should draft me because I'm a kinetic learner willing to learn everything, my work ethic is phenomenal,
    first one in and last one to leave the facility. I'm a hard worker and a true believer of hard work beats talent on any given day.
    I'm the kid that's going to do whatever it takes to help my team win games whether that's on special teams or the nickel package.

    That is the end of the question portion of this interview , I want to thank you for your time and efforts
    with me during this process and wish you the best of luck in the 2016 NFL draft keep in touch !

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    make sure to view the tape and see him play below

    Jamel Major Tape

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