James Williamson SS/FS/CB Wesley College via Cal U PA 2016 NFL Draft prospect interview

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  • James Williamson SS/FS/CB Wesley College via Cal U PA

    6'0 190 lbs
    40: 4.41 (Morgan State Pro Day Hand Time)
    4.43(2016 BSN Hand Time)
    4.48 (BSN National Scouting Combine 2016 Laser)
    225: 13 times(Morgan State Pro Day)
    Max: Bench Press: 315 Squat:430 Deadlift:525 Clean:265
    Vertical: 36 inches (Morgan State Pro Day)
    Shuttle: 4.3

    Q) What schools recruited you out of HS James ?

    A) Coming out of high school I had a lot of interest due to combines and regional camps I
    attended but academics was an issue. I didn't qualify for the NCAA Clearinghouse with my SAT
    scores before National Signing day so everyone moved on from me. The teams that were high
    interest and on my list in order were Old Dominion,Towson,Buffalo,Rhode Island,JMU and
    WVU. I had a visit to WVU and enjoyed it and loved their fans but at that moment they wanted
    me to be a DB and be a Walk-On, I wasn't interested in that at all because I wanted a
    scholarship and be a WR. But if I knew I would be a DB back then I would've taken that
    opportunity haha

    Q) Tell us how your College career started and how you got to where your finished

    A) After every school decided to move on without me I made the decision to go to the first
    school that offered me once I got cleared, that was West Virginia Wesleyan College. I went
    as a WR but ended up red shirting after I moved 2nd on the depth chart behind All American
    Jon Meadows. I redshirted because coaches told me I won't get playing time behind him and
    when I do get in the game we most likely wouldn't throw, therefore we all agreed red shirting
    was best option

    After my redshirt year I moved to DB and became a safety for my first time ever. I went from 3rd
    string to 1st string after the first game; the started got hurt and I stepped up next game with 8
    solo tackles after that performance there was no looking back. I was a starter every game I
    played there until I decided to transfer to a better program at that moment. I was at Cal U PA but
    ended up leaving after being a victim of my circumstances. After overcoming that situation I
    finished my college career at a Top 5 D3 school which was Wesley college...crazy journey

    Q) As a player what special thing or things do you feel you can bring to the table at the next level

    A) I'm versatile can play everywhere in the secondary also have a lot of experience at nickel. My
    work ethic and dedication is superb. Also I'm willing to do whatever it takes for the team to have

    Q) How big is your mental game (trash talking , Physicality ) that sort of stuff ?

    A) when I'm on the field I'm in a different zone, I play with great passion and my heat on my
    sleeve. I don't trash talk, I compete and let my opponent know my existence...for a DB I'm very
    physical I love contact and don't shy away

    Q) Where do you feel you fit better at the next level strong or free ?

    A) With my size I'm a free safety,nickel or corner but my skill set and physicality comes off as a
    strong safety

    Q) Growing up who did you mold your game after , and who where your favorite player's ?

    A) Ed reed was always my favorite safety to watch, also was a huge fan of Charles Woodson
    Rod Woodson and Sean Taylor. The guys that I like to watch now and mild my game after are
    Earl Thomas, Eric Berry and Tyrann Mathieu

    Q) At what age did you come to realize playing football could be your life's work ?

    A) I always had dreams of being a professional since I picked up a football in the late 90s but I
    remember in high school a coach telling me I was talented and gift and to chase my dream and
    never give up, from then on I had a vision.

    Q) Outside of football the one person who had the biggest positive effect on your life and why
    /how ?

    A) my father because I've witnessed him go through so much adversity and he overcame those
    obstacles and took care of me regardless of the situation, he made sure I had everything I
    needed and always love and supported me. Might have been times it was tough love and j didn't
    understand but now I see it, he's a strong man and a great role model of how to be a man

    Q) Tell us about your pro day and the numbers you where able to put up

    A) My pro day felt like a success but I know I could perform much better. I had my pro day at
    Morgan state university on March 29th and I believe I was the top performer. Didn't tell us
    our times at that moment but agents and trainers were out there. One known trainer was
    former Ravens WR Qadry Ishmil who had me at a 4.41. Everyone else had me in the 4.4's
    and scouts said I ran well but couldn't tell me my numbers.
    -225 13x
    -36 vertical
    -10'6 Broad jump

    Don't have numbers for everything else, but there are videos of my pro day online

    Q) If given the choice would you want to be a better player or better person ?

    A) Better player because there's always room for improvement in my game,a lot to learn. I'm
    already a good person and becoming better than ever

    Q) Are you currently in training someplace or sticking close to home and hitting the gym ?

    A) No, don't have any fancy facility to train. I grind on my own most of the time but when I have
    a chance to get with a trainer I'm working with TZ Sports in MD and Anagenesis Speed in DE

    Q) What type of things are you currently trying to improve upon post pro day / pre draft ?

    A) I still plan on doing more workouts but I'm trying to improve my technique and keep my

    Q) Finish the sentence .... James Williamson will never ?

    A) give up without trying

    Q) Finish the sentence ..... James Williamson will always ?

    A) show integrity and dedication

    Q) If you could have just 5 min. with a GM to tell him why he should draft you what do you tell
    him ?

    A)I believe you should draft me because I provide the skills and leadership to lead a
    championship defense. Being a student of the game and a versatile athlete, I can play many
    defensive positions and special teams. With my determination, we're bound for nothing but

    I want to thank you for your time and efforts with me during this process and wish you the best of luck in the 2016 NFL draft keep in touch !

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