Draftsteel Interview with 2017 NFL Draft prospect NT Roderick Henderson #Titan

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  • Q) What schools recruited you out of HS ?

    A)I was getting recruited by Tennessee,Kentucky,Alabama,Louisville,Memphis,uab,southern miss, plenty more that's just to name a few.

    Q) tell us a bit about the journey that landed you at Alabama State

    A) Well I went to southern miss first out of high school,I transferd to Alabama state beachside of family sickness dealing with my mom

    Q) What is your playing weight and do you think that needs to change once at the NFL level ?

    A) My playing weight is 355 when I get to the NFL it will all depend on what the coaches will like for me to be at.

    Q) Watching your tape several things jump off the screen size , agility , power and for a big man some speed ... what sort of training do you do to keep the speed at your size ?

    A) Different training I do for to keep my speed fluke this for a big guy is the 15 minute treadmill work out I got from one of my coaches.

    Q) I am a fan and watch a lot of film , when doing so I use comparisons to other players that have succeeded
    or failed at the next level , with you I keep seeing flashes of a young ( bigger version ) of Haloti Ngata how do you see yourself ?

    A)I like nagta he is a great player but I compare myself to Vince wilfork because we got the same play style.

    Q) If you had one memory you could frame and hang on your wall from playing football
    there what would it be ?

    A) Lol one memory will be when I ran the ball in college the whole crowd went crazy it was very exciting for me.

    Q) What physical trait makes you who you are as a player ?

    A) My physical traits is my ability to change the line of scrimmage every play and create double teams blocks.

    Q) How big is your mental game (trash talking , Physicality ) that sort of stuff ?

    A) My mental game is very good I love to trash talk at times it really gets my motor goin because when you trash talk you got to be able to back it up lol and my physicialty is off the charts for a nose tackle.

    Q) Growing up who did you mold your game after , and who where your favorite player's ?

    A)I always mold my game after Vince wilfork and Dammon Harrison aka snacks.

    Q) What gives you greater satisfaction stuffing a run play behind the LOS or geting a Sack ?

    A) Lol stuffing the run I really can't explain the feeling getting a sack is a wonderful feeling for a nose tackle

    Q) At what age did you come to realize playing football could be your lifes work ?

    A)I will say around 16 I felt that I can make this my career.

    Q) Most memorable Game and why ?

    A)My most memorable game was Kentucky because I had 3 TFL and a pbu and I was playing at a smaller school and that showed I can play with anybody.

    Q) Outside of football the one person who had the
    biggest positive effect on your life and why /how ?

    A) My coaches always had positive effect on my life with sports because they new I can play with any body.

    Q) Roderick what is the one thing about you most people
    would be surprised to know ? ( hobby , quirky habit, game day ritual ,whatever )

    A) My hobbies are fishing and fixing cars I love to do either one in my spare time.

    Q) If given the choice would you want to be a better player or better person ?

    A) I will always want to become a better person because if you are better person being a better player will come with that.

    Q) Film room or Weight room and why ?

    A) I will say film room because you got to beat you opponent by knowing what they do.

    Q) if you had just 5 mins to speak one on one with a GM prior to the draft what would you tell him to make him consider you as his guy ?

    A) I will tell the gm you will be getting a hard working a person who will never be in trouble on or off the field a person who will be love in the community and a loyal person to everyone. And you will be getting the best nose tackle in the nation

    Thank you for the interview opportunity and taking the time to let my readers know Just who Roderick Henderson is on and off the field .
    I will wrap it up with the questions here .I would like to wish you the best of luck in the 2017 NFL draft .

    Watch Roderick Henderson in action here



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