Steelers -Tomlin took for granted Alejandro Villanueva in 100% expectation

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    by Military Law AV was and is required to stand at attention for the Anthem and Flag if the team can not support him then they will just have to get over themselves ....... James Harrison and Mike Tomlin included

    As a Three tour of duty US Army Ranger ( and reservist ) the big left Tackle had more on his mind than what a group of men who never defended anything other than a blade of grass had to say and I applaud him for it even if only done through obligation ( conjecture )

    Troops learn during basic training and officer training — their first introduction to the military — about saluting when the anthem is played and the flag is raised. The ritual is referred to as the "call to colors." Military rules obligate servicemen and women to salute when they hear the anthem if they are in uniform. Those who happen to be in an area where the flag is being raised must salute the flag. If they don't see the flag around them, they're expected to stop and salute in the direction of the music. Those not wearing their uniforms must stand and place their hand over their hearts. A 2008 law clarified that service members may salute even in civilian dress

    Take Pride in Country , pay homage and respect to those who fought to give you those rights in life you may otherwise not have .

    All men where created equal have the conversations needed to assure they are treated that way , acts of disrespect will not gain favor even if you claim it has nothing to do with flag or song it does to those who have fought and died or lost loved ones in the process of defending .

    Remember this folks , you may have a right to do something but that does not always mean it is the right thing to do ...

    Half of the Nation is fine with protests at games the other half is not the league needs both halves of this debate to continue and prosper otherwise those big contracts and fancy stadiums are gone with the wind and that would be a classic case of cutting your nose off to spite your face ..


    after Listening to Ben , Cam and a little later AV a lot of what they stated lined up , but there where some discrepancies that can not be ignored ...

    I won't point them out to you but suggest you go listen for yourself they are all over the net and easy to find ..

    at the end of the day those pressers to me amounted to nothing more than a mad scramble to try and save face from the disaster of Sunday after they seen fan reactions on social media ... a case of to little to late

    AV says Soldiers urged him to stand in one breath and I don’t think veterans at the end of the day take any offense in another ... for me that does not seem to be something you can slice both ways .

    Perhaps I am wrong ?

    Dwinsgames -out

    "They that give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
    Ben Franklin