The Fans rights and feelings , don't they have rights too ??

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  • This was a post on another forum that I frequent and felt it was an outstanding view of how many fans feel about kneeling / sitting during our National Anthem and before our Flag that represents the men and women who have fought bled and often times died to protect our rights to protest among others ...

    Why is it that the players can protest anything they want about anything they want, but someone posting his displeasure about players protesting on a Steelers message board is being attacked for taking a stand?

    The ultimate protest is for the people that pay for the whole fucking NFL experience to walk away from the game and voice their anger about the direction the game has been taking from a political standpoint.

    To those of you who believe the players have the right to protest, how many among us that aren't self-employed are allowed to conduct a political protest of any kind when working for someone else? These guys have microphones shoved in their faces constantly. They can say anything they like to support their causes during press conferences or outside the building. All they would have to do is stand outside the gate, and microphones will come flying at them from all directions. They can call any radio talk show in the country and be granted a platform to deliver their message.

    There are a million ways that they can protest and make their point. They are shitting on the American flag because that is exactly what they want to do. They want to piss everyone off. If you say otherwise, you are simply fooling yourselves.

    Maybe if the media had any stones, they would be looking into any players that are protesting and find out if they have 10 children with 10 different mothers that they don't spend a second of their time with or support in any way other than an occasional check. Maybe they have criminal records. Maybe they beat women. Maybe they assaulted police officers. Maybe they committed crimes against people of another race. Wouldn't that be something? There are many people protesting that are complete pieces of shit as human beings, made out to be Gandhi in cleats....while regular citizens are told to shut up and eat shit if they don't like it.

    It's amazing to listen to people try to shout down someone with an opinion on a public message board, but think employees of NFL organizations should be able to say whatever they like....including not respecting the flag on national television while they're on the clock at work.

    If someone thinks they've seen enough of the nonsense and decide to stop watching a product because they're spoon fed political bullshit daily, I completely understand. I've been angered before by things the NFL has done, but it was never enough to ruin it for me. But for the first time that I can remember, I just don't have a burning desire to watch professional football right now. I get sick to my stomach every damn time I turn on a TV or listen to a sports radio talk show, I am pummeled with this horseshit about the protest and told how I should feel about it. I've never felt like this before about pro football. I follow college football. I evaluate players and prepare for the draft. I check out this message board daily, and think about football all the time. For the first time in my life I just feel like I'm wasting my time caring about something that spits in my face and doesn't give a rats ass about me or any of us. They just want our money, and we can eat shit about everything else.

    If fans want to give the NFL and the players a message of their own. I'm all for it. I believe they need a good kick in the nuts....errr......wallets. It's the only thing they seem to care about.

    NFL football is supposed to be entertainment. I've been listening to people tell everyone to lighten up for years and to let them celebrate, have a little's just a game.....right? It has become something other than that and I don't like it. It's supposed to be an escape from all the bullshit we deal with in real life. Football is no longer that escape. It has become something else.

    As for me, I don't know what I'm going to do yet. It's been part of my life for as long as I can remember as a player and a fan. I'm considering my options.

    And to respond to a statement above that the Constitution provides your freedoms....yes it does, but only because of the blood spilled by American soldiers fighting and dying defending the flag and providing the freedom that gives the Constitution the ability to be our most important document. Without the sacrifices of men and women who have served and defended this country...many making the ultimate sacrifice, the Constitution is a piece of paper.

    I understand both sides of the debate, but ultimately I have no problem with fans staying away from the game and costing the NFL billions of dollars. I wonder how many players would still be sitting or kneeling for the anthem if the salary cap dropped $50 million?

    Just a thought.


    "They that give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
    Ben Franklin