Tre Flowers Oklahoma State S

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  • so after seeing Tomlin had a meal with the young man I decided it was time to dig into some tape on him .

    had read reports he was to thin , stiff in the hips , lacks physicality etc etc etc

    also read his pro day he showed to be very fluid in during drills ....

    so to the tape I go because clearly you can not be stiff in the hips and fluid in the hips ( somebody is wrong )

    mind you I just have an hour or so into looking this kid over a couple abbreviated games and a couple highlight films ..

    this is my take away ....

    he is long and lean , ( did put on 10 pounds from junior to sr year ) but would like to see a few more pounds added he has the frame for it at 6'3 -200

    he is not afraid of contact but does have a tendency at times to arm tackle ( he wont get away with that in the NFL ) but he isn't afraid to square up and hit you either so it is a coach able tendency ..

    he is a collegiate long jumper for gods sake how stiff could he be was my thought going in and I came away feeling his hips are average IMO I would not call them fluid nor stiff I believe both reports to be over blown ..

    has a good feel for the game , instinctual seen him bat a few balls away that there was no way in hell he could see it coming but read the receiver and made the play ( not every guy is that aware )

    faster than timed speed of 4.45 ( remember timed speed is always in shorts , not every man carries the pads equally ) I seen nobody run away from him on the football field in my limited study on him

    a big 12 player so knows how to play in space as they like to spread you out so has man cover experience , how he will react to zone is anyone's guess and will be nothing more than projection with little to no basis so ignore all that if you read up on him in that regard...

    listed many place as a Strong S but come on man if any one ever screamed Free safety it is Flowers , look at the frame , look at the speed , look at the instincts this is a cover safety who could match up well with almost anyone based on physical attributes and he is in no way a box safety so credibility hits on anyone that places him playing near the LOS IMO

    bottom line there is far more to like about the kid than to dislike and I believe he could be a solid member of any secondary , not a star but he wont cost you at a star draft selection point either , 3rd-4th round would not be over paying for what I have seen

    "They that give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
    Ben Franklin