Why I hate the term BUST

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  • I mean who determines if a player is a bust ?

    what qualifies one as such ?

    I get the premise that it is a player who fails to achieve the desired outcome on the field of play at the next level ...

    ( here comes that BIG little word ) ok cool I understand and agree to a degree , BUT

    we are then using a set outcome of greatness as the standard for a player that has only been projected to meet any such standard ...

    projections are perhaps the most unreliable thing in sports .

    there literally is not a tool in the world that can accurately project greatness

    we look at tendencies , athletic prowess , size , speed and accomplishments at a lower level of competition as the factors into an equation that fails identify future growth on much more of anything than someone gut feeling

    then when that gut feeling of said evaluators is wrong instead of blaming the evaluators we instead label the player ( who clearly spent his entire life trying to be great ) to even be in the position to be looked at by said evaluators

    and we call that player a Bust ....

    do you think there is anyone on earth that feels worse about not succeeding at the highest level as that player who now instead of getting paid a kings ransom to continue to play the game they love is now instead called a failure by most of the free world who loves the game ...

    I could go on and on about it but I think its clear enough now for most to get where I am coming from

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