Draftsteel's Interview with 2 time All American LB Larry D. Butler III

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  • Larry D. Butler III
    Southern Nazarene Univ Linebacker.
    2x All American
    6'1 245 4.6-40

    First let me say put the small school label away to all the nay sayer's out there
    that discredit potential of small school guys because in this case it just does not apply !

    If this man played at Tennessee and put up the film even close to
    what he has done you would be all over him singing his praises .... here is a hint
    He had an offer to play at Tennessee but the SEC’s 3-semester rule kind of messed that up for him.

    As many of you know by now I take my time with prospects , I study the
    film closely many times over , I get to know the prospect not only as a
    player but as a person and if the man does not measure up to the athlete
    I let it pass by and do nothing ...

    I offer interviews to only those who are up to the challenge
    of being a good citizen as well as good football player , I shy away from malcontents ,
    trouble makers and guys with a history of bad behavior...

    Here is five things I can tell you about Larry Butler from my 14+ months of talking to him almost daily ...

    1) He will not be outworked
    2) He takes nothing for granted
    3) He is a student of the game ( over used term ) but it fits in this case
    4) He is dedicated to being better today than yesterday and better tomorrow than today
    5) He will not embarrass your franchise with bad behavior in fact the opposite is true

    Larry in my opinion can play any LB pos on the field at the next level
    be it 4-3 or 3-4 he is scheme diverse and I believe his tape more than proves that.

    Larry is a communicator on the field , he knows his assignment and that of those around him ,
    he plays instinctively and with a passion that just jumps off the tape.
    Rarely will Larry be out of position and you can bank on that .

    Strong enough to take on a tackle , fast enough to cover a RB or TE when
    need be and can even be used as a situational End and not look out of
    place doing so.

    Yes I am impressed by Larry Butler and you will be too before this process is over !

    Without further ado lets get to some questions with Larry and see what we can learn .

    Welcome Larry , greatly appreciate the time you're taking to do a little Q/A session with us .

    Q) Can you tell our readers why you chose Southern Nazarene Univ ?

    A) I chose SNU because paperwork issues stopped me from going div 1, and because of the christian values and academic prestige
    of the university

    Q) I am a fan and watch a lot of film , when doing so I use
    comparisons to other players that have succeeded or failed at the next level ,
    with you its tough I see flashes of many but can always tell when its you making
    the play , who do you model your game after or think you best compare ?

    A) A comparison I have got a lot is Vontaze Burcifit, and Jelani Jenkins

    Q) How big is your mental game (trash talking , Physicality ) that
    sort of stuff ?

    A) I'm big into both and a lot of film study. mental stuff is huge.

    Q) I see you are a man of God , that is something I can relate to
    without him nothing is possible ,how has your faith helped you in your quest to fulfill
    your dream of playing in the NFL ?

    A) The lord has given me strength to continue with my dream even though i have dealt with a lot of adversity

    Q) Many in the draft world seem to be over looking you to some degree
    does that place a large chip on your shoulder ?

    A) Yes a huge chip on my shoulder...it adds to motivation i feel like I'm the best and i'll prove it this year

    Q) Outside of football the one person who had the
    biggest positive effect on your life and why /how ?

    A) My mother she has kept me on the right track and helped me move forward with pursuing my dream

    Q) How much of your game is do to intensive film study vs athletic god
    given ability ?

    A) To be honest id say 50-50

    Q) At the next Level where do you feel you fit better at 4-3 or 3-4
    LB and why ?

    A) I feel like I am versatile to fit in any scheme

    Q) What do you feel is your biggest attribute as a player ( can be
    Physical / Mental aspect ) ?

    A) My hitting ability, functional strength, and intensity

    Q) What do you feel is your best attribute as a team mate ( not as a player )

    A) My vocal leadership

    Q) Given a chance to describe yourself as a player to someone who
    never seen you play what would you say ?

    A) I'm a hard worker and a dedicated individual.I have elite hitting ability and a motor that cant be matched

    Q) What gives you greater satisfaction stuffing a run play behind the LOS or getting a Sack ?

    A) A sack is best, you can gain a lot of momentum for your team

    Q) Your Most memorable Game and why ?

    A) October 11, 2014 14 tackles 2 tfl's it meant a lot because it was my first game after breaking my hand

    Q)Where are you more at home the Film room or Weight room ?

    A) Definitely the weight room, but i spend a lot of time in the film room as well

    Q) When watching film is there any 1 thing your looking for from an opponent that you believe
    you can exploit if so what ?

    A) Offensive line tendencies , and the quarter backs snap count

    Q) The leap to the NFL will be quite large , it is for every prospect but even
    more so for small school kids , what in your opinion will be your most
    difficult aspect in the transition the complexity of the NFL playbooks or the leap in talent level ?

    A) Probably the playbook i feel like talent wont be an issue at all

    Q) Who would be your dream come true first NFL strip sack be of and why ?

    A) A legend like tom Brady or Peyton Manning

    Q) What would be more rewarding Drafted higher than expected to a team you do not like or
    being a late round pick to your favorite team ?

    A) Doesn’t matter at all. i just need an opportunity

    Q) Finish the sentence ..... Larry Butler will always ?

    A) Strive for greatness, and keep a tireless work ethic to become elite

    Q) Finish the sentence .... Larry Butler will never ?

    A) Be a distraction , a bad teammate or quit on his team.

    Q) If you could have just 5 min. with a GM to tell him why he should
    draft you what do you tell him ?

    A) If you take me it will be one of
    the best decisions you’ve ever made. I will be a good role model in the
    community and will be a pro bowl player for the next 10 seasons.

    That is the end of the question portion of this interview , I want to thank you for your time and efforts
    with me during this process and wish you the best of luck in the 2015 season and the 2016 NFL draft process !

    you can follow me on twitter @Dwinsgames

    you can follow Larry D. Butler III [twitter]@_KingButler3[/twitter]

    please tweet and retweet for increased visibility

    please watch the tape every defensive snap or the 2014 season below







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    Update ...
    dropped 20 pounds for proday

    Despite suffering a high ankle sprain early in the season and missing all or the vast majority of 4 games Larry was able to accumulate enough stats and make a big enough impression on his team to be named all conference , not an easy task for a guy missing that much time on a team that was simply bad ..

    I am also proud to announce that back in January I contacted agent Jr Rickert about Larry , told him what I liked about his game and what I saw in him as a player and person , forwarded some tape as well .
    JR Rickert on Nov 16 signed Larry Butler III to his agency and is now representing him


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