2016 NFL Draft prospect Jarrid Williams LB Wagner College interview

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  • Welcome to Jarrid Williams LB Wagner College

    6'1 -235 lbs of lightning in a bottle

    MVP at the FCS Bowl

    Q) Jarrid what are your true measurable's , I hate using team sites as they are generally off

    A) 6'1 232LBS

    Q) Looking at the tape , you move really well and seem to always find the football, what do you do you believe your 40 time would be ?

    A) I'm training really hard right now to unlock my hips. I believe that I will run a low 4.6 high4.5.

    Q) What scheme do you feel best fits you at the next level and why ( 4-3 or 3-4 )?

    A) I think I'm versatile enough to play and make an impact at both a 4-3 or 3-4. Ideally a weak-side4-3 OLB will be my best fit. Gives me the ability to be the designated play maker, taking advantage of my speed to rush the passer and cover receivers, while playing sideline to sideline.

    Q) What programs recruited you coming out of High School ?

    A) I was a high school QB so I didn’t have many offers. Wagner College offered me to play Safety and Stony Brook offered me to play Linebacker.

    Q) What gives you greater satisfaction stuffing a run play behind the LOS or getting a Sack ?

    A) That’s tough one..there’s nothing better than beating a tackle clean off the line of scrimmage but running down a tackle behind the line of scrimmage is almost animalistic. If you don’t hunt, you don’t eat.

    Q) Growing up who did you mold your game after , and who where your favorite player's ?

    A) Growing up I just played football, I didn’t mold my game after anyone. Once coming to college I watched a lot of Von Miller film and I began to try and shape my game like his. Von Miller is definitely my favorite player,followed by Lavonte David, and Sean Lee.

    Q) Are you currently in training someplace or sticking close to home and hitting the gym ?

    A) I'm currently in training .

    Q) What do you feel is your best attribute as a team mate ( not as a player ) ?

    A) My best attribute as a teammate is my energy. I play this game passionately, so when ever I see a play made I'm jumping around, hollering, just genuinely having fun.

    Q) What do you feel is your biggest attribute as a player ( can be Physical / Mental aspect ) ?

    A) I think my biggest attribute as a player is my speed and my ability to diagnose plays. I always feel I'm ahead of the play. I see something and I know exactly whose coming to block me and where I need to be.

    Q) Are you the hardest worker one very team you lace them up for or
    just one of the most naturally gifted ?

    A) I'm the hardest worker or try to be the hardest worker on every team I play for.

    Q) What type of things are you currently trying to improve upon prior to pro days ?

    A) Hip flexibility.

    Q) Outside of football the one person who had the
    biggest positive effect on your life and why /how ?

    A) My father. He has worked very hard to provide for his family and make sure that we never went without. Watching him make sacrifices and work so hard has made me a better man. Inspiring me to go after everything I want, with all that I have.

    Q) Do you have any rituals or pregame habit that get you primed and ready to go ?

    A) I don’t like to talk to anyone the morning of the game. I'm completely locked in from the moment I wake up.

    Q) Who do you best compare /model your game after and why ?

    A) I think I best compare to Alec Ogletree. I model my game after Von Miller because when ever there needs to be a play made he steps up.

    Q) The leap to the NFL will be quite large , it is for every prospect but even more so for small school kids , what in your opinion
    will be your most difficult aspect in the transition the complexity of the NFL playbooks or the leap in talent level ?

    A) I think the most difficult aspect in the transition will be the leap in talent level. Every play will be against the best in the world. So you have to bring your Agame day in and day out.

    Q) Do you currently have representation and if so what agency ?

    A) I currently have representation with Power Sports Group.

    Q) Has any scouts been in contact with you or shown interest at this point ?

    A)Yes, I just won overall MVP at the FCS Bowl this past weekend. I had an opportunity to talk to several scouts.

    Q) If you could have just 5 min.with a GM to tell him why he should draft you what do you tell him ?

    A) If I had 5 minutes to convince a GM to draft me I would tell him, " 5 minutes is not long enough to explain how hard I will work for you and your organization.

    5 minutes will not be enough time to tell you my life’s work of dedication, hard work, resilience and leadership.

    5 minutes is not enough time to explain how much I love this game of football. 5 minutes is not enough time to tell you how bad I want this opportunity.

    5 minutes is just enough time for me to tell you the name of the people that are counting on me and encouraging me, and that I will do everything in my power to not let them down !

    That is the end of the question portion of this interview , I want to thank you for your time and efforts
    with me during this process and wish you the best of luck in the 2016 NFL draft keep in touch !

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