Juquelle Thompson WR Ft Lewis College interview with tape

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  • Juquelle Thompson WR Ft Lewis College
    58 catches 815 yards and 12 TDs

    Q) Juquelle what are your true measurable's , I hate using team sites as they are generally off

    A) 6’0, 185 lbs 4.39 40 time 225: 10 reps

    Q) We Have a mutual friend in Arthur Ray Jr. What have you learned form him during your time together at FLC ?

    A) Playing at the D2 level can be a blessing in disguise if you take the game seriously and you trust the process. Art came back from an injury at the same time I got my first start @ FLC against #2 CSU Pueblo and before the game we had a heart to heart talking about how its my time to shine and show people what i can do as a ball player and to take advantage of every snap. he and i both were going up against NFL prospects at the time in Darus Allen (DE) and C.J. Roberts (CB) and we knew that was going to be our toughest challenge throughout the whole year. Knowing what we needed to do leading up to the game and for the rest of the season Art and myself would challenge each other at practice to not play down to anyone's ability at practice but to push ourselves that much more because we aren't going against top tier talent all week long!The most important thing I've learned from Art is that you can overcome any obstacle by keeping faith in what you know you can do and to not listen to what other have to say because only one person can guide you in the direction that you are going!

    Q)What programs recruited you coming out of High School ?

    A) SJSU, Fresno St, Boise St, Nevada

    Q) Growing up who did you mold your game after , and who where your favorite player's?

    A) Randy Moss (MOSS!) & Tim Brown, Randy was so talented but didn't let that get to his head he went out there each and every week and proved it by the way he attacked the ball and he was faster than almost anyone he faced so it made it easier. growing up I was either more athletic or just faster than my opponent and Iused that to my advantage. And Tim Brown not only because I'm a Raiders fan but watching his game he made sure he set his defender up so he was in the right position all the time to make the catch and move the chains on 3rd downs, whether it was 3rd & 4 or 3rd &8 he made sure his route was deep enough for a first down.

    Q)What do you feel is your best attribute as a team mate ( not as a player ) ?

    A) Being able to push everyone around me to go hard by the way I compete.

    Q) What do you feel is your biggest attribute as a player ( can be Physical / Mental aspect )?

    A) My speed has always been the biggest factor, as well as my awareness.

    Q) Is there anything specific you look for on tape in terms of how to exploit your opponent?

    A)Tendencies at the line of scrimmage, footwork against the WR at the top of routes, & how active the corner is around the ball. (likes to tackle or not)

    Q) Outside of football the one person who had the
    biggest positive effect on your life and why /how?

    A) my mom, she raised 5 children practically by herselfand me being the youngest and seeing how successful my brothers and sisters are I could only imagine how she did it. shes impacted my life in ways unexplainable and I cant do anything but praise and be thankful for playing both roles in my life and guiding me to where Iam today.

    Q) If you had one memory you could frame and hang on your wall from playing football
    there what would it be?

    A) beating the #2 team in the nation CSU Pueblo by scoring the game winning touchdown which snapped a 42-game regular season winning streak and following up 4 days later on FLC first ever nationally televised game by scoring 2 touchdowns against Colorado Mines which was ranked #15 at the time.

    Q) If youcould change 1 thing in your life from the last 10 years what would it be and why ?

    A) Nothing, I've lived my life the way it's supposed to be and changing any one thing could mean a different destiny.

    Q) You seem very aggressive in the run game as a blocker and seem to love contact are my eyes being true to me ?

    A) yes, this game is no different than being in a jungle, its survival of the fittest out there on the field in other words it's you or me!

    Q)Are you currently in training someplace if so where or sticking close to home and hitting the gym ?

    A) I'm still in school finishing my degree and I workout @ our student life center on days my coach is busy with other athletic teams. and our athletic training room isn't available

    Q) Finish the sentence .... Juquelle Thompsonwill never ?

    A) lose faith in God

    Q) Finish the sentence ..... Juquelle Thompson
    will always ?

    A) be himself no matter the circumstances

    Q) What type of things are you currently trying to improve upon prior to pro days?

    A) Bench press

    Q) If you could have just5 min. with a GM to tell him why he should draft you what do you tell him ?

    A) I love the game of football I've been playing since I was 7 years old and every game feels like I'm strapping em up for the first time. I'm a play maker on the offense and both return games, over the course of my career I have not taken a lot of big hits, I'm durable, and won't let someone else out work me. I'm a great teammate/person fun to be around and will bring my winning attitude to any locker room you put me in. I'm marketable as I've kept my hands clean and attitude is contagious and will be a great asset to any offense.

    That is the end of the question portion of this interview , I want to thank you for your time and efforts
    with me during this process and wish you the best of luck in the 2016 NFL draft keep in touch !

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