Steelers - Vikes Guru thread

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  • they will crush us we suck .....

    The London Fog has nothing on the Steelers

    Matt Cassel carves us up like a thanksgiving turkey and Peterson goes over a 100 ...

    Ben continues to turn the ball over and Jarred Allen and company has Ben running for his life all day

    26-17 vikes win .

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  • Ben has turnover after turnover after turnover. Peterson freight trains Gay three times on touchdown runs alone. Bell runs for three yards on the game's first play and has to leave the game with a torn groin. Sanders is open all game on the fly pattern, but Ben overthrows him every time. The Steelers average .06 yardz a carry. Minnesota's line manhandles the front seven on passing downs. No sacks again. No takeaways again. Peterson goes for two bills. Because of all the short fields, the Vikes break the record for most points. That's right, I am calling it.

    Vikes 74 Stillers 3

  • It's a miracle. No really.

    The O-line gels just a little bit. Ben is over some (not all) of his jitters. The defense has been good-ish but hasn't had any help. But tonight it all comes together.

    Simply put, we're going to beat their ass. No score needed... but it'll be a laugher. Except for the obligate 85 yard drive they make inside of 2 minutes left that gives them a spark of hope. BUt we crush the stats, we win.

    But don't get your hopes up kids. Still on the way to 4-12.

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  • AB will get his yards, but the defense will keep him out of the end zone.

    We finally over 100 yards rushing.
    Ben- 250 yards passing 1td, 1 int


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  • Everyone, from the coaching staff to the players are keenly aware that they are under a microscope. We've heard players say that they don't pay attention to what the fans are saying, but despite those proclamations common sense and their social media comments dictate otherwise. The fact is, we're in their heads.

    As for this game, I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Tomlin has heard the cries for his firing. So has Haley. I know that they will be on their "P's" and "Q's". With Heath and Cortez back along with Bell playing there is reason to be optimistic. Ed Bouchette said the offensive line players are excited to see that Bell is playing. They also know that all eyes will be on them and that no excuses will be tolerated. I also felt vindicated by Ramon Fosters comment when he said the O.L. needs to adopt what I have recognized and said is missing and that is, a mean streak. When I read that comment I said to myself, "It's about damn time someone on this team recognized what I have seen for the past three to four years and is addressing it."

    I have made it quite clear that I believe Vince Williams will prove to be their best overall 2013 draft pick, especially considering he was one of two sixth round picks. He brings to the middle linebacker position a physical presence that has been missing since Farrior's early days with the team. In fact, I think Williams is a better athlete than Farrior was and that is not taking anything away from Farrior. Williams intelligence, overt aggressiveness and hard hitting style will allow the defense to get back to being the best in the league at stopping opposing running backs. He hits with such malice that my nickname for him is, "Sudden Impact".

    I despise these overseas games because as has been reported, the Europeans, as a whole, are not embracing American football and never will. American football to them is what soccer is to us, a minor diversion. Therefore, no matter how much money is spent on advertising and the globalist political machinations that are employed the fans on either continent won't embrace their efforts. I read where the British have said that they want a Super Bowl game at Whembly stadium. I say, "Hell No!" Having the Super Bowl played on foreign soil is akin to committing treason.

    In conclusion:

    Matt Cassel is starting in place of injured Ponder. Given that fact, we know that coach LeBeau has this defense focused on making them one dimensional by attacking their strength, Adrian Peterson. I don't see Peterson making his fantasy owners very happy. If the Steelers offense can play as they are capable of playing and not turn the ball over the Vikings are going to have a long quiet plane ride home.

    Steelers - 27
    Vikings - 10

  • I think you got it again....I'm sorry to say. Relaxing weekend next weekend.

    "this place is a bit like Atlas Shrugged" ---Lemonhead

    "I think we're going to need a bigger boat"

    "Oh George, not the livestock"!