interesting issue at OLB

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  • One has to wonder how the snap count works itself out this coming season for the Steelers ...

    the way I am looking at this is ...

    1 ) James Harrison even at an advanced age is not your average human and arguably the most productive of the group in 2014

    2) Moats was signed to a new deal for more than what you would want to pay a backup player for

    3) Jarvis Jones was a first round pick and thought to be the future at the pos.and looked good his first two games in 2014 prior to injury

    4) Dupree was just drafted in the 1st round

    5) Shawn Lemon was arguably the best OLB in the CFL last year

    6) Anthony Chickillo was also added in this last draft ( for me more of a DE than LB but they have him listed as a LB )

    and still other remaining hopefuls such as Howard Jones and Jordan Zumwalt from last years draft

    mind you this is not everyone but the highest profile guys with the largest recent investment ...

    should be very interested to see how it all pans out

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  • Here are my predictions:

    • Jones and Moats open as the starters
    • Harrison and Dupree see the field as situation pass rushers and in some sort of odd LB heavy alignment (say McCullers flanked by Harrison and Dupree and backed by Jones, Moats, Timmons, and Shazier).
    • Howard Jones impresses again in preseason and makes the roster
    • Lemon makes the jump to the NFL and makes the team -- assuming he can and will play special teams
    • Garvin, Zumwalt, Green, and Spence don't make the roster.
    • Chickillo ends up cut or on the PS for getting caught between positions w/ DE and OLB
  • I know the team said they were looking at Zumwalt as an OLB but I have a feeling somewhere that he may give Vince Williams and Sean Spence a run for their money for that fourth ILB spot.

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  • I was never a big Sean Spence fan prior to him coming to the steelers , however he played well enough IMO to keep moving forward and considering the age of Timmons I think we would be smart to do so

    "They that give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
    Ben Franklin

  • They usually keep 9 LBs on the 53 man roster. So using that number, I come up with:

    • Jarvis Jones - one last attempt to prove he can lock up a starting spot
    • Arthur Moats - the other starter
    • James Harrison - first pass rusher off the bench
    • Bud Dupree - next pass rusher off the bench
    • Lawrence Timmons - ILB starter
    • Ryan Shazier - ILB starter
    • Vince Williams - first ILB depth
    • Howard Jones - flashes enough in preseason that he won't last on PS. Have to keep him because Harrison is in his last rodeo; Jarvis is still unproven, Moats is not exactly a tried and true OLB starter, and Dupree is a rookie.
    • Canadian Lemon - see above for Howard Jones

    Cuts include Spence, Zumwalt, Garvin. Green, and Chickillo. I know, but that is really thin at ILB. But Moats is likely a better ILB than he is an OLB anyways. So he kicks inside if injuries bite hard.

    All that being said, I am guessing the Steelers keep Spence at cut one of Jones or Canadian Lemon. I don't think Zumwalt is athletic enough to challenge this group.