Refreshed Site Logo, Updated Theming

Hello members and visitors! The forum has been upgraded to a new server and new forum software versions. We are in the process of tidying up and making it look nicer, but for now, please check out our two newest themes: Steel Nexus and Steel Nexus Worksafe!
  • Hi all,

    While I didn't design or get a new site logo or anything, I tracked down the font used in the old one and made a freshened up version of it. Should look a lot cleaner up there now. We're still on the lookout for a professional site logo, but this is a step up for the time being.

    I also made several improvements to the "Home" board style (theme). You can change styles by going all the way to the bottom of the forum and clicking on "Change Style" - the current default is the one called DraftSteel Classic, which is an homage to our original forum before we upgraded to using WoltLab software. But soon enough the default is going to change to "Home" and I'll create another style called "Away" so we have a few more scheme options to suit the times. But for now - go on and check out the "home" style; I fixed the major clash in the header image and toned down the link colors, and pending a bit of feedback, it should be ready to roll as the site's new default.

    I also updated the theme "Pearl" (formerly AwesomePearl) to have a bit more Steelers flavor.

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