Lake on Sean Davis

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  • Lake, an all-time player but I'm starting to doubt his chops as a coach...

    I get it , but up until now he hasn't really been given a whole lot to work with ... now essentially 3 guys all selected in rd1-2 to have ready this season ..

    work cut out for him hope it hasn't been him lacking instead of the players he was handed

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  • Well, he's certainly got his work cut out for him, because Burns and Davis are both raw as can be. Lake has a chance to prove the doubters wrong about his ability to coach. Davis and Burns are both high potential types. Learning better techniques is needed for Davis, however. I honestly don't see Davis getting it until his 2nd or 3rd year.

  • Here is the thing for me. It will be a referendum on Lake, Butler, and Tomlin to get these guys ready. All three should have a big role in molding these guys into something. But that aside, I am most interested to see what scheme(s) they try and run now. Burns, Davis, Mitchell, Golson can all run, hit, and catch. Not something that can be said for all recent Steelers DBs. So do they stay Cover-2, Cover-3, a bit of zone-man to get Burns on the field? The possibilities are endless. If we go just by "on paper" alone - they went from a secondary with Gay and Cockerell as the best players at CB to one with Gay and Cockerell as the bottom 2 at the position. That is a heck of a swing.

    Now, we get to see if that plays out on the field.