steelers add a TE

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  • if Ben were to get injured for any significant length of time and the steelers went out and signed a more experienced free agent to play QB i would say the stupidity of the FO is beyond measure. not because i believe in Landry Jones, but because if they don't believe in Landry Jones to that extent why the hell did you extend him rather than just signing a more experienced free agent in the first place?

    either they think Jones can play or they are idiots. what i see when i look at Dobbs is a player who is almost similar to Jones when Jones was drafted. except Dobbs has the IQ that most players don't. Dobbs also makes faster decisions and has a quicker release. i seriously believe they are hoping Dobbs can displace Jones. maybe not this year but probably next. the FO does not believe in Jones' ability to lead this team for more than a game or two. the signing of VIck proves that. which to me makes me wonder why did they give him an extension anyway? they should have just signed a better QB in free agency and been done with the failed Jones experiment.

    no offense but the idea that Dobbs was not signed to challenge Jones is a bit flawed when you also admit that if an injury to Ben were to occur the FO would just go sign a free agent anyway.

    i may not be as football savvy as many of you on here but i do understand reasoning and logic. and that just doesn't seem to fit good reasoning or even decent logic. they drafted Dobbs hoping he might displace Jones is decent logic if you also believe they won't hand the keys to Jones if a significant injury to Ben would occur.

    i see it like the if/then statements. maybe i am flawed...hell i know i am flawed but i think i am making sense with this post though.

  • I do believe they will run a lot of 10 personnel formations ( 4 wide and 1 RB no TE ) we have not done much of that in the past but the current roster configuration points to that IMO .

    they have All world WR A.B. who is the clear #1 , Bryant who truly is a #1 WR in his own right ( when he can stay on the field ) and potentially the biggest game changer at the Position in the league.

    Rogers who proved capable as a rookie and should take a step up in year 2 and they drafted a tough guy WR in JuJu in the 2nd round who can block , catch and make yards after the catch with physicality ( TE like to some degree but with the size and speed of a WR )

    they are going to want all 4 of those guys on the field for a significant number of snaps IMO

    do you take arguably the best RB in the league off the field to add a subpar TE to the above grouping ? I wouldn't because it does nothing for you and only tips your hand with the RB on the field they still have to respect the run or get killed by it .... take him off the field and they can pin their ears back and rush the passer

    "They that give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
    Ben Franklin

  • With the potential physicality of the WR corps (Juju likes to block, DHB, Coates, Hunter, and Severin are all big bodies) you may be able to get some of the same plays out of 10 personnel that you could out of 11 personnel - considering that James, Grimble, and whoever else makes the roster aren't much for blocking anyways.

    I would go heavy at WR this year. Stash some of these UDFA TEs on the PS and call it a day.