Tuitt's Arm

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  • Looks like Tuitt's bicep is not torn.

    Contrary to a report from last night, it sounds like the Pittsburgh Steelers are in a best-case scenario with defensive end Stephon Tuitt. Per NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, Tuitt did not suffer a bicep tear during Sundays win over the Cleveland Browns and is now considered week-to-week.

     Follow 48-La4Vw_normal.jpgIan Rapoport  ✔@RapSheet Some good news for the #Steelers. Source says DE Stephon Tuitt is week-to-week with a biceps injury. Not season-ending. “He’s OK,” one said.
    12:54 PM - Sep 11, 2017

    ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Sunday night the team feared Tuitt had suffered a torn biceps and ultimately miss the entire year. An MRI was scheduled for today and it sounds like the Steelers realized it wasn’t nearly that severe after getting those results back.…ear-considered-week-week/

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  • seen this on social media , is far better news than anticipated and is why its always best to wait for medical testing results to come back before proclaiming the sky is falling ( like some do ) , I think we have the pieces in place to hold down the fort until Tuitt is back at 100%

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  • You never like an injury but a lot better than it could have been. Hope he didn't initially strain that bicep while holding up that hefty contract lol

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  • Of course, something like this always seem to happen after a signing that could possibly lock up the future of a potential HOF'er or otherwise key cog in the machine... I'm just glad it's not serious. But I do hope that he and Dupree don't try to rush back too soon. I'd like to see both of them back by week 3-4.