Heads They Win, Tails You Lose

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  • I know this rubbed a lot of people raw, but, consider what the Steelers were trying for. They saw the whole event as divisive and political. Basically, they were told as a team to take a side, after Trump's rant. I don't think any of them are anti-American, but when you're told to pick sides, without context that the fan bases are made of both political bases in general, it's a real no win situation.

    Because if you go out and salute the flag under those context set by Kapernick and Trump, it's no better than having some of those players take a knee. Somebody, somewhere, is going to be pissed off regardless of what happened. And to me, it's total bullshit to bring that context to the game. That's where I stand, with Elway and the Steelers, keep that bullshit away from the game and simply respect what we have in this country. Don't need Trump to add his .02 cents. And this League is greater than the bullshit Kapernick stands for in BLM, a total falsehood of a movement, based on lies and absolute ignorance.

    The thought that the Steelers wouldn't come out to join in showing which players are rooting for whom, says to me that they had no desire to be a part of the politics of those two men, that will never suit up on Sundays. At least for Kapernick, for this year, he's not going to get signed. Personally, I hope this entire fiasco ends his career permanently, via blacklisting him. He deserved it, earned it, more so than he did a starting QB job on a new team, even.

    But Trump should've stayed away from this issue, and let the fans deal with the players kneeling. That's how it SHOULD have been handled, and Trump made it worse than it had to be.

    Trump's job is to unite the country, not divide it. This issue is so far beneath him, it rates as "Which brand of toilet paper should go in the West Wing?". But what he said was basically "Fuck that, salute the flag or fire them..". That's almost as bad as Obama picking who he wanted to see succeed professionally, like the shit for brains Dictator he was, in some people's eyes. Now personally, Trump is right, sort of... just honor the flag and what it suppose to stand for. It's what's right. But again, "Charmin or Scott"? That's where this issue rated before Trump said a word.

    The fans and advertisers would have done the rest without Trump's involvement. Mendenhall's contract with Russell Athletic proved that companies give a damn about who represents them. And I do believe there was no protest involved, when they yanked their contract with him. The Fans would have let the player know that he's out of line, and let the team know how they felt about those that kneel. That's how the NFL always handled things in the past. But with a weak ass Commissioner, like Goodell, this couldn't have gone any worse than it did. Goodell is a SJW hack, and needed to be replaced.

    My hope is that the Steelers will continue to do what they've always done, honor the Flag, and play the game. To hell with Trump and Kapernick, neither of them will ever play this game in Black and Gold.

  • Yeah DSH, this was tough on everyone I think. I went to the game in Baltimore yesterday and ran to get to the breeze way to be a part of the Anthem, and to see who was doing what. Then the Warthogs flew over early, and well.....

    Wonderful day. Steelers fans jawing and partying with Raven fans. I love going to Baltimore.

    .....and then Vegas. I am beyond understanding.

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