Week 5 Steelers vs Jags Guru

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  • Maybe the only one who posts here.....but here goes. The Jags seem to have a good D, but who have they played. It looks like our O-Line will be in full swing. I think it will be a good balanced offense this Sunday. Bortles gets crushed multiple times. Probably going to see the boys up front get a workout from their run game. Looking for them to keep the big ground gains to 0.



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  • Trap game. Our greatest weakness: a mediocre team.

    We're better than them at almost every position. So naturally, we play like crap. Jaguars 24, Steelers 20.

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  • It's certainly a hard to read game. You just don't know which Steelers Offense is going to show up. Here's something that I floated out on Steelers Depot, that I'll mention here as well: Ben seems to do better when he's working with less talent.

    The Steelers listed Bryant on their injury report, and supposedly, as of this writing, he's going to play. But I still expect him to see limited action, for whatever reason, there seems to be a nasty cold virus floating around. If he plays, the Steelers struggle, that's my take. If he sits more than not, I think Ben levels out and plays well enough. I think the Jags D is the real deal, their offense stinks, however. I'll be elated if the Steelers manage to score 28+ in this one.

    Steelers 24

    Jags 12