Week 10 Steelers vs Colts

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  • OK, I'll start it......:giggle2:

    The Colts line is terrible. Some pressure on Brissett and good coverage on Hilton and the Steelers should have a fine day. Would love to see some good things out of Bryant, but if not, I'm not overly concerned. Ben throws the ball around, hitting six different receivers. Watt and Dupree both get sacks. We win the turnover battle.



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  • Brissett makes Brisket out of our secondary. The Colts cannot protect the Quarterback, so we don't even try to get the Quarterback. It's the Butler defense: Figure out what their weakness is, and then reason that we needn't exploit it. It's all gotta shake out, right?

    Colts 27

    Steelers 23

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