Small school kids make the biggest impact in preseason game 1

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  • two small school kids take home the honors of best of the game 1 from each side of the ball

    Damoun Patterson WR from YSU was the offensive player of the game without question 77 yards receiving and a TD if this kid continues to play as well as he has been reported to be in training camp and thus far in the preseason he will be impossible to cut

    Olasunkanmi Adeniyi LB from Toledo lit it up tonight as well , word was he is having an excellent camp as well and he had a sacks and a few pressures in the preseason opener doing the number 92 proud and interestingly enough he is another Mac player ...

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  • I was really impressed with Patterson. Normally, I don't get excited about a preseason showing, especially a guy down the depth chart in the first game.....but you can just tell he's a baller with some real talent.