Ryan Switzer is going to be a pleasant surprise.

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  • https://triblive.com/local/all…n-specialist-ryan-switzer

    Essentially just moved down a few draft positions to get him.

    Will be a terrific return man, and will contribute from the slit receiver position.

    Makes me wonder if James Washington's abdominal injury will require a significant time to heal.

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  • as a return man he is better than any other option on the roster not named AB , that said it is past time to quit risking the best WR in the game to punt duty and this move does just that ...

    Not sure if it is Washington or if they wanted a specialist ( why they brought in Henderson from Pitt) but henderson played it safe and never put anything on tape to get excited about through 3 preseason games ...

    I think they wanted a specialist and now they have one who also offers something in terms of a backup slot receiver , which will make Eli obsolete ( currently hurt and on the pup and now suspended 1 game ) so now 1 player doing the jobs of 2 ( henderson and eli ) saving a roster spot

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