Steelers at Bucs Guru

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  • FitzMagic runs out.

    Steelers 31

    Buccaneers 27

    T. J. Watt not asked to cover a receiver down the field and responds with a couple of sacks.

    Sean Davis gets a pick.

    Two tight end formation is effective; AB benefits with 6 catches and a TD.

    Conner runs enough to keep them honest; 67 yards rushing. 4 catches for about 40 yards.

    Jordan Berry pins the Bucs deep a couple of times.

    "In short, in life, as in a football game, the principle to follow is: Hit the line hard; don't foul and don't shirk, but hit the line hard!"
    Theodore Roosevelt, The Strenuous Life (1900)

  • I'm With you OSO, the Fitz is done......for tomorrow night anyway.

    With both DTs out for tomorrow, I'm thinking we can do some running on them.

    Conner has another 100+ game and a TD

    AB has his FIRST 100 game and a TD.

    Defense does just enough to get us our first W, to make us the forth team with a 1-1-1 record.



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  • 37-34 Steelers get their first W of the year

    its a score fest and we finally over come our own putrid defense

    James Washington ..... breakout game 5 catches 90 yards and a TD

    Jesse James nabs another TD

    AB gets his too ...

    Conner says don't forget about me and adds one of his own

    "They that give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
    Ben Franklin