Steelers at Patriots 8 Sep 19 Guru THread

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  • As long as the page exists, I'm going to post game predictions.

    I really want this year's Steelers team to be better. I really do. However, I think they are going to take another step back this season, and miss the playoffs again.

    The match-up I like most is the Steeler defensive line vs, the NE offensive line. The only way to beat Brady is to get pressure on him and force him into some bad, or at least earlier, decisions. The problem I have is that I think Keith Butler will outsmart himself again. Julian Edelman will have double digit catches, for about 100 yards and a TD. James White will have about 80 yards from scrimmage and a TD. Josh Gordon will catch a long TD pass on a busted coverage. NE puts up 30 points.

    Roethlisberger will spread the ball around, but he will also make a boneheaded decision or two that will kill drives. The Patriots will sell out to stop the run, relying on their secondary to handle the Steelers receivers. 17 points for the good guys.

    30-17 Patriots in what will become one of the first of many disappointing defeats in 2019.

    "In short, in life, as in a football game, the principle to follow is: Hit the line hard; don't foul and don't shirk, but hit the line hard!"
    Theodore Roosevelt, The Strenuous Life (1900)