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    This game is a tough read, and the Steelers have yet to string together a complete game this season. They're at home and it's Raven's week. I hate the schedulers and Goodell. It's the usual run of emotions. But I'm hoping for a better outcome.

    Steelers 27

    Ravens 17

    I totally missed last week's GURU. I suck at keeping up, but it was nice to see everyone in on the action in that game.

    Word of warning to the secondary, stick to Jordy like loose hair on a woolly sweater. In fact, watch for the WR corp altogether. They won't have very many chances with Hundley, so expect them to make the most of their touches.

    Welcome back. Bryant :/

    'Burgh 35

    Pack 12

    I think things will continue where they left off last week. Ben seems to finally be in some sort of groove. The running game is humming along now. They'll need Grimble and James to step their game up in this one, since McDonald will be out. I'm not at all worried about Bryant being benched, not with Hunter coming in to replace him. I can see a productive offense going into Sunday night. The defense continues to improve. While they will be on the road, I think they can force the Lions to be one dimensional early on. They need to take advantage of Mihalik making his first start, so sending in Harrison every so often in a semi-rotation would be idea.

    Steelers 30

    Lions 17

    Sorry Q, this past week was a huge pain in the ass.

    Honestly, This defense is good enough to hold the Bengals down long enough for this offense to stretch things out of reach. Therefore...the Steelers have better rely on Bryant and find whomever is at TE, to keep the Bengals D off-balance. Plus, they owe the fans after that ass whupping they took against the Jags...

    Steelers 28

    Bengals 16

    We're about to see if the Steelers are for real this season, or, they're just spinning their wheels. It has to be a full on effort today, in all phases. They can't afford to come out sputtering like they have been. I'm about reluctant to call it for the Steelers. But put it on the toe of Boswell.

    Just for the record, Ben is throwing too much. I'm going to assume much of that was because Gilbert was out, so they figured they could get the ball down field better with Hubbard out there. With Gilbert back, I'm expecting much better run support and improved pass protection.....Hubbard sucks.

    Steelers 24

    Chiefs 20

    It's certainly a hard to read game. You just don't know which Steelers Offense is going to show up. Here's something that I floated out on Steelers Depot, that I'll mention here as well: Ben seems to do better when he's working with less talent.

    The Steelers listed Bryant on their injury report, and supposedly, as of this writing, he's going to play. But I still expect him to see limited action, for whatever reason, there seems to be a nasty cold virus floating around. If he plays, the Steelers struggle, that's my take. If he sits more than not, I think Ben levels out and plays well enough. I think the Jags D is the real deal, their offense stinks, however. I'll be elated if the Steelers manage to score 28+ in this one.

    Steelers 24

    Jags 12

    I know this rubbed a lot of people raw, but, consider what the Steelers were trying for. They saw the whole event as divisive and political. Basically, they were told as a team to take a side, after Trump's rant. I don't think any of them are anti-American, but when you're told to pick sides, without context that the fan bases are made of both political bases in general, it's a real no win situation.

    Because if you go out and salute the flag under those context set by Kapernick and Trump, it's no better than having some of those players take a knee. Somebody, somewhere, is going to be pissed off regardless of what happened. And to me, it's total bullshit to bring that context to the game. That's where I stand, with Elway and the Steelers, keep that bullshit away from the game and simply respect what we have in this country. Don't need Trump to add his .02 cents. And this League is greater than the bullshit Kapernick stands for in BLM, a total falsehood of a movement, based on lies and absolute ignorance.

    The thought that the Steelers wouldn't come out to join in showing which players are rooting for whom, says to me that they had no desire to be a part of the politics of those two men, that will never suit up on Sundays. At least for Kapernick, for this year, he's not going to get signed. Personally, I hope this entire fiasco ends his career permanently, via blacklisting him. He deserved it, earned it, more so than he did a starting QB job on a new team, even.

    But Trump should've stayed away from this issue, and let the fans deal with the players kneeling. That's how it SHOULD have been handled, and Trump made it worse than it had to be.

    Trump's job is to unite the country, not divide it. This issue is so far beneath him, it rates as "Which brand of toilet paper should go in the West Wing?". But what he said was basically "Fuck that, salute the flag or fire them..". That's almost as bad as Obama picking who he wanted to see succeed professionally, like the shit for brains Dictator he was, in some people's eyes. Now personally, Trump is right, sort of... just honor the flag and what it suppose to stand for. It's what's right. But again, "Charmin or Scott"? That's where this issue rated before Trump said a word.

    The fans and advertisers would have done the rest without Trump's involvement. Mendenhall's contract with Russell Athletic proved that companies give a damn about who represents them. And I do believe there was no protest involved, when they yanked their contract with him. The Fans would have let the player know that he's out of line, and let the team know how they felt about those that kneel. That's how the NFL always handled things in the past. But with a weak ass Commissioner, like Goodell, this couldn't have gone any worse than it did. Goodell is a SJW hack, and needed to be replaced.

    My hope is that the Steelers will continue to do what they've always done, honor the Flag, and play the game. To hell with Trump and Kapernick, neither of them will ever play this game in Black and Gold.

    Of course, something like this always seem to happen after a signing that could possibly lock up the future of a potential HOF'er or otherwise key cog in the machine... I'm just glad it's not serious. But I do hope that he and Dupree don't try to rush back too soon. I'd like to see both of them back by week 3-4.

    At 6'8"/ 250lbs, he'd be an interesting development player for them. I can't but wonder what their current view of the TE position is? Because it just seems to me that they're purposely ignoring TEs int eh draft, unless they're coming really late in the draft, UDFA or already somewhat established in the league....

    if they do they will have a lot of explaining to do after allowing the Raiders to move to Vegas , and then explain some more how they permit Bob Kraft to own so much stock in Draftkings

    ...and there's not enough Boxcars to move the load of crap the league would spew to defend their position. Their investigation in itself is a complete contradiction of their practices thus far.

    Can't say very much of anything bad about McCaffery. But to me, it depends on who's on the board. There's just so much talent everywhere in this draft. And depending on how you view certain players, it would be difficult to say you were wrong to pick that player at that point. At least until the 5th rd. I think it's the 5th rd is where things begin to level out. Yep, quality deep and skilled is the 2017 draft.

    Does it bother anyone else that they haven't met with Derek Rivers or Jordan Willis yet? I know they were busy with what's his face from the Pats, on the day Rivers had his Pro Day, and Jordan stood on his numbers from the combine, which was pretty damn good considering. Who could blame him? But the fact that they haven't bothered meeting with them privately is kind of concerning.

    I like Trubisky but he needs a lot of seasoning , I am not a fan of Kizer or Watson ..I favor Mahomes over them all and its not close for me , reminds me of a mixture of Favre and Ben , sure he has some things to learn but he can be thrown into action and still have success by school yard football like Ben does often times... reports he completed an 80 yarder ( in the air) to end his proday ... can't teach that kind of arm strength

    I like Kizer more than Trubisky, most certainly. A lot of people have Trubisky ahead of Kizer, I just don't see it. And to me, Watson is not that far behind Trubisky. I think a lot of people love Mahomes arm, as well as his ability to string out plays with his feet. So, it's not out of the question he could end up being like Ben and Brett....I don't know if that's all that's required, however. I mean, Ben and Brett had that attitude that accompanied them. I'm not sure that Mahomes has that kind of drive those two have, like nothing can stop him, "To hell with your defense! I WIN!" kind of attitude, know what I mean?

    I wasn't sure about Kaaya, but just a cursory glance at some of his footage, he's definitely a better option than Davis Webb. He might be right there with Mahomes....

    They would probably find themselves reaching for one of those QBs, however. Mahomes, especially, when you consider how pitiful other teams are at the position. Not to be a killjoy, but, I could see the Texans going for him early on, throwing caution into the wind. And not even just because of his potential, but because of name recognition in Texas as well.

    Of the QBs in this draft, I think only two of them really have a 'Day1' kind of feel to them. Trubisky and Kizer. Watson seems like he is just barely outside of Day 1 and Mahomes is just outside of that Day 2 place, IMO. I don't really see Webb as an actual choice as a decent starter in the league. Not sure about Kaaya. I think the best developmental QB is Evans, with Peterman behind him. And Dobbs seems more of a back up than anything.

    But all of them will be thrust forward, because of the lack of talent in the league right now. Teams simply don't bother to actually groom QBs anymore. I still contend that if I'm looking for a starter in the future for my team, the first place I'm going to is Cincy. McCarron seems to be the only back up in the league with a reasonably high ceiling, with some success as a starter. He has shown he's worthy of starting in this league, the Bengals can't keep him as a back up forever.

    I have to believe that anything can happen in this draft, when you consider some of the performances during the combine, and even the injury to Sidney Jones. Sidney Jones is currently found up and down the first 1-5 rounds of the draft, after the injury. I ran this mock draft just last night for the hell of it. Off the Matt Miller ranking....


    I finished off the mock 5-7 rounds off the cuff. No rhyme or reason, just because.

    But getting Derek Barnett in the 2nd rd, right there is perhaps the most interesting drop I've gotten thus far. And I have to think he dropped that far due to his combine performance, not just by chance. Of course, being honest, it's a random generator, so anything could possibly happen. The issue is, these generators are given a certain value to prevent certain names from being found in places they don't belong. ie; Myles Garrett in the 3rd rd. We saw Bud drop to the Steelers, and nobody saw that coming. DeCastro, the same. But the chances of it happening this year seems more believable than during those drafts.

    I couldn't give anything for him at this point. You're only going to get about another 2-3 good years out of him, but then what? I think that whole situation is bad, however. Sherman doesn't want to be traded, and Carroll seems open to talking about it. Just bad all around from where I view it.