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    1:28 Rashaan Evans LB Alabama

    2:28 Nick Chubb RB Georgia

    3:28 Duke Dawson CB Florida

    5:11 Tre Flowers SS Oklahoma St.

    5:28 Bilal Nichols DT Delaware

    7:2 Matthew Thomas LB Florida St.

    7:28 Tre'Quan Smith WR UCF

    just about done with the entire league ...

    the level of disrespect is at an all time high , and I will be damned if I put money in these lowlife bastards pockets any longer screw them and screw Art 2 too ..

    what a yellow coward he is , his namesake is rolling over in his grave

    lot of things to look at in this one ...

    Tendencies ....

    Steelers in what many would call a trap game

    Steelers historic poor play vs underwhelming teams on the road under Tomlin ( Cowher too )

    Historical info

    Steelers 1-11 lifetime vs bears in Chicago

    Latest vibe for Steelers

    Being hailed as one of the better Defenses in the league even though they have only faced a rookie QB in Kizer and a well traveled journeyman backup thus far

    Latest vibe/interesting stat for Bears
    Bears where down 26 points at the half last week while their QB Glennon only had 1 ball touch the ground in the first half 13-16 ( 2 picks )

    bears rebounded in second half outscoring the Bucs 7-6

    Glennon is 1-0 lifetime Vs Steelers

    While many think the Steelers will lay it on the bears and beat them into submission to be quite frank i doubt it happens ( but hope it does )

    I look for a fairly well contested Game and for the Steelers to sneak out of town with the W


    time is ticking and looks like I will get the first prediction in at this late date

    prior to the season I thought this is the year the Steelers average over 30 a game ,

    but looks like they start in a hole towards that goal for the second week in a row to start the season ...

    Steelers secure the home field opener victory 27-16 over the Vikes

    amended mine prior to game start due to Bradford not getting the start

    seen this on social media , is far better news than anticipated and is why its always best to wait for medical testing results to come back before proclaiming the sky is falling ( like some do ) , I think we have the pieces in place to hold down the fort until Tuitt is back at 100%

    42-16 Steelers bell get his number of touches ( 26 ) the results are hit and miss with them a big drop and a few missed holes but he does ok for himself with 135 all total yards ...

    the story of the day is Martavis Bryant who proves he is still truly uncoverable even with rust

    Nah, they knew all along when he was going to report, and they used a Bill Belichick-type move to keep him from counting on the 53-man roster for the weekend. Cameron Sutton will be placed on I/R and Bell will sign his tender a minute later. I think he will gain 100+ yards rushing, have 5 catches for 50 more and score twice against the Browns.

    I believe it is already signed , just so happened right after league offices closed and they won't be back in until Tuesday so cant turn anything in to make it official so they get benefit of the doubt , but without a doubt it was a Bill-I-Cheat move all the way