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    doubled down at two key defensive spots CB and ILB in the first 4 picks ....

    20: R1P20


    83: R3P19 LB DEVIN BUSH




    221: R7P5 OT MITCH HYATT

    Thought I would shout into the echo chamber just to see if anyone might be listening.

    Thought I would shout into the echo chamber just to see if anyone might be listening.

    shout into the echo chamber just to see if anyone might be listening.
    echo chamber just to see if anyone might be listening.

    see if anyone might be listening

    might be listening.






    the Dobbs pass was awesome ... showed real grit ... 3rd and long deep in your own end coming into the game without a single warm up pass and throws a dime for a 22 yard completion and a 1st down ....

    UDFA Mike Hilton makes a big difference in our secondary ...

    couple that with doing what the 3-4 is intended to do ( apply pressure) and its masks a whole hell of a lot of deficiencies

    hopefully Butler learned something

    37-34 Steelers get their first W of the year

    its a score fest and we finally over come our own putrid defense

    James Washington ..... breakout game 5 catches 90 yards and a TD

    Jesse James nabs another TD

    AB gets his too ...

    Conner says don't forget about me and adds one of his own

    not so fast ...

    Ben 1 day of practice banged up elbow on throwing arm ....

    My Guy from last Draft Mahomes , showing he can sling it last week ...

    this game could be ugly for someone ...

    or double Ugly and be a close one ?

    I will go with the latter ...

    Mahomes 2 TD passes but also a pair of picks to help balance the scales a bit and allow us a chance in this game ...

    Ben with just 25 attempts this week is my guess with a banged up arm ....

    we grind it out with Conner and his running mates

    Boswell does work !

    Steelers 23-Chefs 20

    I can't believe the roster is set. Only three outside linebackers? Two injured tight ends? Moves must be made.

    one would think . that said I see nothing happening and its game week .....

    guessing Mathew Thomas is the emergency OLB and also guessing 3-4 may not be our base any longer but a subpackage ?

    maybe we see a ton of Dollar def with some of these bigger safeties plugging the linebacker spots ?

    I just do not know what to think except they better find a way to stop the run with the downlineman with just clean up duty from those big safeties or we could be in for some really long afternoons

    roster is young fast and explosive .... lacking in experience in some areas however but I like it...

    that said some waiver wire guys I would look real hard at ...

    Kevin Minter LB

    Kevin Pierre Louis LB

    John Simon OLB/DE

    Shane Lechner P ... yes he is 42 but still owns a better leg than Berry

    Clive Walford TE

    Jace Amaro TE

    me too ( unless it was Pittsburgh ) would have loved him hear but would have been really difficult ..

    a signed Bell would have had to be part of it to free up money to sign him long term ( so unlikely ) and then you have to explain to the team how the new guy is going to make more than guys who have been here , not something we do as an organization ...

    so its cool we will see him every 4 or 5 years

    Dobbs put out a statement game ... 135 QB rating tonight and 111 for the preseason and averaged 10 yards per attempt for the preseason ( not per completion ) per attempt ! that is outstanding , he looks to drive the ball down the field !

    Jones looks to dump it off ..

    I am wanting a QB with killer instinct looking to win games , not playing to not lose them ....

    Dobbs is my backup if I am making the decisions and Rudolph is the 3 and Jones is on another roster holding a clip board