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    not so fast ...

    Ben 1 day of practice banged up elbow on throwing arm ....

    My Guy from last Draft Mahomes , showing he can sling it last week ...

    this game could be ugly for someone ...

    or double Ugly and be a close one ?

    I will go with the latter ...

    Mahomes 2 TD passes but also a pair of picks to help balance the scales a bit and allow us a chance in this game ...

    Ben with just 25 attempts this week is my guess with a banged up arm ....

    we grind it out with Conner and his running mates

    Boswell does work !

    Steelers 23-Chefs 20

    I can't believe the roster is set. Only three outside linebackers? Two injured tight ends? Moves must be made.

    one would think . that said I see nothing happening and its game week .....

    guessing Mathew Thomas is the emergency OLB and also guessing 3-4 may not be our base any longer but a subpackage ?

    maybe we see a ton of Dollar def with some of these bigger safeties plugging the linebacker spots ?

    I just do not know what to think except they better find a way to stop the run with the downlineman with just clean up duty from those big safeties or we could be in for some really long afternoons

    roster is young fast and explosive .... lacking in experience in some areas however but I like it...

    that said some waiver wire guys I would look real hard at ...

    Kevin Minter LB

    Kevin Pierre Louis LB

    John Simon OLB/DE

    Shane Lechner P ... yes he is 42 but still owns a better leg than Berry

    Clive Walford TE

    Jace Amaro TE

    me too ( unless it was Pittsburgh ) would have loved him hear but would have been really difficult ..

    a signed Bell would have had to be part of it to free up money to sign him long term ( so unlikely ) and then you have to explain to the team how the new guy is going to make more than guys who have been here , not something we do as an organization ...

    so its cool we will see him every 4 or 5 years

    Dobbs put out a statement game ... 135 QB rating tonight and 111 for the preseason and averaged 10 yards per attempt for the preseason ( not per completion ) per attempt ! that is outstanding , he looks to drive the ball down the field !

    Jones looks to dump it off ..

    I am wanting a QB with killer instinct looking to win games , not playing to not lose them ....

    Dobbs is my backup if I am making the decisions and Rudolph is the 3 and Jones is on another roster holding a clip board

    0-Line -8

    Maurkice Pouncey

    B.J. Finney

    Ramon Foster

    David DeCastro

    Alejandro Villanueva

    Marcus Gilbert

    Matt Feiler

    Chukwuma Okorafor

    RB's -3

    Jaylen Samuels

    James Conner

    Le'Veon Bell

    FB -1

    Roosevelt Nix

    TE's -3

    Bucky Hodges

    Vance McDonald

    Jesse James

    WR's -6

    Ryan Switzer

    James Washington

    JuJu Smith-Schuster

    Antonio Brown

    Justin Hunter

    Damoun Patterson

    QB's -4

    Mason Rudolph

    Ben Roethlisberger

    *Landry Jones

    *Joshua Dobbs

    25 offensive players

    CB's -6

    Cameron Sutton

    Mike Hilton

    Joe Haden

    *Coty Sensabaugh

    Brian Allen

    Artie Burns

    S -5

    Terrell Edmunds

    Morgan Burnett

    Sean Davis

    Nat Berhe

    Marcus Allen

    D-Line -6

    Stephon Tuitt

    L.T. Walton

    Tyson Alualu

    Dan McCullers

    Cameron Heyward

    Javon Hargrave

    LB's -7

    Olasunkanmi Adeniyi

    Matthew Thomas

    Jon Bostic

    Vince Williams

    L.J. Fort

    T.J. Watt

    Anthony Chickillo

    Bud Dupree

    def 25

    specialists -3

    *Jordan Berry

    Chris Boswell

    Kameron Canaday

    ** designates if no trade is worked out prior to cutdown

    with Grimble Hurt they almost have to keep Hodges , that said Coty Sensabaugh , Josh Dobbs , Landry Jones ( one or all 3 ) could be traded prior to or just after cutdown

    if Dobbs lights it up tomorrow ... it may be Jones that goes , I seen a report that the market was heating up for BOTH players ...

    so for a market to be heating up that to me at least sounds like they are open to dealing them at the right price ?

    Dobbs passer rating this preseason is 110 ... if he lights it up again they might just keep him or could perhaps get a decent pick or player ( linebacker ? TE ? )

    I am not a Sensabaugh fan but as a 5th corner I would take that ...but if we could get a 5th for him I would be ok with that too

    as a return man he is better than any other option on the roster not named AB , that said it is past time to quit risking the best WR in the game to punt duty and this move does just that ...

    Not sure if it is Washington or if they wanted a specialist ( why they brought in Henderson from Pitt) but henderson played it safe and never put anything on tape to get excited about through 3 preseason games ...

    I think they wanted a specialist and now they have one who also offers something in terms of a backup slot receiver , which will make Eli obsolete ( currently hurt and on the pup and now suspended 1 game ) so now 1 player doing the jobs of 2 ( henderson and eli ) saving a roster spot

    I think Ola is here to stay all he does is work his tail off ... very good run fits , sat edge nicely and got pressure what more could anyone ask ?

    Samuels showed to be the player I thought he was ( finally) ... it took awhile to get there but he seems and looks comfortable now .

    James Conner is worlds better this year , not only rushing the ball , but as stated catching passes out of the backfield and much improved as a blocker ...

    I agree dirty red took a big step back , in fact so much so he went from penciled in starter to a guy I see as on the bubble and I will not be shocked if he doesn't make the 53 .

    another pleasant surprise for me anyways was the blocking of Bucky Hodges ( a guy said to have zero ability as a blocker ) stuck his block and maintained it nicely for about 3 seconds springing Samuels for a nice 1st down run over the left side ...

    I hope to see Wile in the full game as the punter this week in the preseason finale as I liked what I seen from him vs the titans and he may be a slight upgrade over berry ( who IMO sucks)

    roster cuts this year will be very interesting

    I don't believe Mark Madden has a press credential. He hosts his radio show and some live events, but I can't recall him ever interviewing a player or being in the locker room.

    Warn a beat writer from the only daily newspaper in town? C'mon. Warn him for what? He reported what he saw, that's all.

    The fact that Tomlin allows his players to act the way they do is one symptom of the overall problem.

    he seemingly was the only man on the planet that witnessed it yet there was nearly 10k people on hand ( and video refuting it ) .... I get what you are saying if there was not a history of Mr Ed making shit up and mailing it in , but there is

    I prefer the way the Jaguars handled a similar situation.

    sadly we do not get to choose , that said If I where the Steelers I would be ratcheting down on whom I allowed access to the players ... guys like Madden would have their credentials removed , Bouchette would be warned , print the truth or print nothing

    We are 180 degrees apart on this issue.

    The Media can do or say whatever they want these days with seemingly no repercussions , I think it is about time someone holds Ed accountable ....

    Mark Madden is now calling AB a narcissistic douchebag ... ( see how they can say what they want and no repercussions )

    I think the Steelers should start pulling Media credentials to reporters who can not show the respect they so badly want ....

    respect is earned and when you call players names and / or downright lie .... your free pass is up ...

    If I was Brown ( or any member of any team ) I would ignore any member of the press that at any time was out of line with me or my team mates ..

    Ed clearly lied ... he was called out by fans as soon as he made the post , some even called him fake news and showed video of AB with no limp