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    Football is back baby !

    sure it is preseason and many hate the concept but I on the other hand LOVE preseason football !!

    why do I love it you may be thinking well its for several reasons per example

    1) its football

    2) to see the rookies

    3) new acquisitions from free agency

    4) how the depth has grown from the prior year

    5) potential new starters how do they stack up vs the men they are replacing

    there are just a few of the reasons I love the preseason tonight we get a first hand look in game action of what pieces we have to fill out the final 53 with , we will get to watch them grow over the next several weeks into the finished ( or semi finished) product we will enter into the quest for our 7th Lombardi ...

    here are some things to look for in no specific order ..

    our safety group 

    outside of the starters the group is thin can one of these young men step up and fortify the back end of the depth chart on the 53 ?
    Jacob Hagen is a guy I would keep a close eye on he has a chance to unseat a guy like Dangerfield . I first noticed Jacob when scouting then CB Walt Aiken at Liberty Hagen flashed and I never forgot it .I think this young man has a chance , he knows the system after sticking on the practice squad nearly the entire 2016 season

    Linebacker inside specifically ....
    with the departure of Timmons that is a big hole to fill everyone thinks Vince Williams is the guy and he very well may be however I have heard rumblings from many who have been at camp in Latrobe that " Dirty Red" has been making his presence felt, Matakevich has always been known for a lunch pail mentality and great instincts , he is a tackling machine and always seems to be around the football , can those instincts offset his lack of true speed ? perhaps .... one team mate gave him Luke Kuechly like accolades ...those are big words/shoes for a 2nd year player but we will get a look tonight !


    a few years ago we drafted a corner in the 2nd round named Golson who has never played a down due to injury in each camp we have had since being drafted , Golsons small stature made many take pause , he is injured yet again but tonight we may be watching the guy who will take his roster spot away for good in Tiny Mike Hilton a 5'8" slot cover corner who has been all the rage of training camp ...word is Hilton is like glue you can not shake him off in coverage and he will not hesitate to stick you with solid tackling ... this may be one of the biggest matchups to watch Mike Hilton vs whoever gets in his way


    Rookie Josh Dobbs the rocket scientist ... ( no really ) probably the smartest man in the entire organization ( so he will know the playbook ) the question is will Dobbs have the accuracy one wants to see as the potential heir apparent to Big Ben , we know Dobbs can get air under the ball and get it down field its the short to intermediate targets that we have questions about , its a big stage and a big test even in vanilla preseason football nothing would please me more than Dobbs having a good night and stealing the #2 job away in the coming weeks from perennial under achiever Landry Jones

    several other guys I will have my eye on but these are just a few of the matchups that excite me the most ... enjoy the game and hopefully we see some good things and come away healthy

    Dwins out

    First of all, Landry Jones will be the back up unless this abdominal injury is worse than we think or if he suffers another injury. Second, Although I have long advocated for carrying just two quarterbacks, the Steelers will carry three, otherwise they wouldn't have drafted Dobbs in the first place. If Dobbs is second on the depth chart, Jones would be three. Third, Dobbs may looks good in the pre-season where there is no game planning or preparation for the other team, but he still doesn't know the offense as well as Jones.

    Drafting Dobbs was as dumb as drafting Jones was.

    playing devils advocate here a bit ...

    Jones never looked good in preseason ( or regular season if honest )

    Dobbs is literally a rocket scientist so uber intelligent , he may know the playbook as well as Ben in theory by week 1

    that being said are we any worse off going with Dobbs if he plays well and saving the roster spot for an extra WR or DB where we are thought to have difficult cuts to come ?

    i believe he gets moved to #3. reason being is they won't go into the season with 2 young QB's with no real game experience. unless Dobbs looks that good and Houston beats him out solidly as well. then i guess you could say they try to trade Jones or cut him. but i do not foresee that happening.

    I am thinking if Dobbs beats him out , we roll with 2 QBs we have tough decisions to make at key spots that extra roster spot would help ...

    as sad as this is, this board is bleeding badly and may not recover and as i have said in the past, this is home to me. i don't know what to do to help to be honest.

    pretty much it in a nut shell .

    I am here daily to check on activity , post when there is activity and an occasional post besides but slacked in the latter a lot because it seems like a giant waist of time .

    interviews get TONS of hits but nobody bothers with the forum

    LATROBE, Pa. – The Steelers’ initial depth chart for 2017 has been released, and it’s a non-traditional one in that it makes an allowance for the dozen players currently not participating in practice.

    As an example, because quarterback Landry Jones is not practicing because of an abdominal injury, he isn’t listed as the backup to Ben Roethlisberger. He isn’t listed anywhere on the depth chart, but his name does appear among those players under the designation “not participating as of Aug. 8, 2017.” Being on the “not participating” list does not mean being ruled out of Friday’s preseason opener.

    In addition to Jones, the other players on the “not participating” list are WR Martavis Bryant, WR Sammie Coates, WR Demarcus Ayers, CB Cam Sutton, FS Mike Mitchell, RB Le’Veon Bell, CB Senquez Golson, RB James Conner, C Maurkice Pouncey, C Mike Matthews, and OLB Keion Adams.

    Besides injuries, Bryant is on this list as he awaits reinstatement from the NFL, and Bell has not yet signed his franchise tender and cannot report to camp without a contract. Coates is on the physically unable to perform list as a result of knee surgery, and he cannot participate until he passes a physical and is moved to the active roster.

    So, with those players removed from the equation, this initial depth chart offers few surprises, but it does confirm/clarify some things:

    Steelers Depth Chart

    * At tight end, it’s Jesse James as the starter, followed by David Johnson and Xavier Grimble.

    * With Pouncey on the “not participating” list, B.J. Finney is listed as the No. 1 center and as the backup to Ramon Foster at left guard. This indicates Finney is the team’s primary backup along the interior of the offensive line, which is a designation that becomes significant once the game day roster is set at 46 during the regular season.

    * At running back, Fitz Toussaint is listed ahead of Knile Davis.

    * At defensive end, L.T. Walton is listed as Cam Heyward’s backup, and Tyson Alualu is listed as Stephon Tuitt’s backup.

    * Dan McCullers is behind Javon Hargrave at nose tackle.

    * Bud Dupree is the No. 1 left outside linebacker, and behind him it’s third-year pro Anthony Chickillo followed by Arthur Moats.

    * James Harrison is No. 1 at right outside linebacker, followed by T.J. Watt..

    * Behind Ryan Shazier, it’s L.J. Fort, Steven Johnson, and Tyler Matakevich; behind Vince Williams, it’s Steven Johnson, Tyler Matakevich, and L.J. Fort.

    * The backups listed at both cornerback spots are the same guys in the same order: Will Gay, Coty Sensabaugh, and Mike Hilton.

    * With Mitchell on the “not participating” list, Robert Golden is the No. 1 free safety, with Jacob Hagen behind him. Behind Sean Davis at strong safety is Jordan Dangerfield.

    * As for the specialists, Knile Davis is the No. 1 kickoff returner, with Antonio Brown backed up by Eli Rogers at punt returner.…97-4c62-a8c2-112293ab6ecc

    good stuff , hearing tons of good things about Justin Hunter , and the rookie Dobbs as well . Hunter seems to be catching everything in the same zipcode with his huge catch radius and athleticism and Dobbs hit 14 out of 16 the other day and the only 2 incomplete where drops ( I think those numbers are right or close anyways )

    Safety Malik Golden signs with Steelers

    I like it and here is why

    another kid who used to play on the other side ( offense ) former wide out convert who has some ball skills and understands what the receiver is going to try and do against him more so than someone who has always been on D ... now we have a pair of rookie defenders in the defensive backfield that played WR

    Malik Golden highlights

    Tight end Scott Orndoff, inside linebacker Matt Galambos or cornerback Mike Hilton?

    I'm going to say Mike Hilton. I've read a few reports from Spring practices that Golson didn't look so good. Maybe its rust, but his skills may have diminished in two years without playing. Orndoff has a shot as well. I really hope they don't keep Davis Johnson. Galambos might push journeyman L.J Fort off the roster.

    Chime in everybody!

    I think you have the two most likely from where I sit , Hilton's stature is a concern however at 5'8 but he plays bigger .....

    Webb might have a shot but will probably depend on what we see from Jacob Hagen ( who I think has a legit shot to make the 53 this year )

    this is what I have been asking for a couple years , seems no real answers exists ...

    so much is FB and twitter now people could care less about being on record or having a continuing discussion beyond 140 characters or quick hitter off the cuff comments without backing it up with rationalization it seems ...

    a few steelers boards still get plenty of traffic and offer nothing more than what is here EXCEPT they didnt have 3 years of no updates and spam bots to deal with as we did and we lost 80% of our active posters in the process .....

    people keep saying wait its the off season but sadly the off season has been 36+ months long now and plenty of things happen during the off season to post about such as the draft and free agency and training camp starting up ..

    that being said I too am guilty because seemingly most times am talking to myself .

    Well, my take is: thank God that this is not violence, criminal, etc. Dumb sure, but it's just a kid who didn't know how to handle traffic violations and racked up some civil infractions. I'll begrudgingly accept if the league hands out some minor consequences, but all in all I am truly not worried about this.

    pretty much the same here ... however I am from the school of thought the league should stay out of it entirely because it happened prior to playing a down in the league ( the infraction that got him the fines) and since it is not something that alters performance it simply is not any of their business ..

    had it been a banned substance violation that alters his ability on the field in a + manner that would be another story for me anyways ..