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    "Lemonhead" wrote:

    Remind you of anything? :wink:

     :cool: Precisely. Hence the reason for my rant.

    Off Topic, but... I played last Wednesday, it got up to fifty-six degrees, and shot a seventy-two. DANG! Figures I'd have my best round of the season, at the end of the season. I'm hoping that it won't be the last round before the snow starts flying. That could be any day now. :pray:

    "Lemonhead" wrote:

    Says something that Ben Went directly to the Rooneys. I think he remembers the chance they took on him after the second Sexual assault accusation.…ther/stories/201311110049

    The fact is, he shouldn't have had to apologize in the first place. He and the front office were, erroneously and irresponsibly put in a position that should have never happened. It happened because a "journalist" disavowed a core journalism tenet, adhering to basic jurisprudence and fact check his sources before going public with his story. The NFL and Rappaport, owe the Steelers and Ben an apology.

    I'd like to know who Ian Rappaport's sources are that he referred to when he reported that Ben was seeking a trade. What angers me about his disclosure is he never bothered to verify his source's story with the Steelers front office or even with Ben before going public. This is the type of irresponsible journalism that no managing editor, worth his salt, should ever allow to take place. We've come to learn, after Ben responded to Rappaport's report, that it is based on speculation, innuendo and false information. This is the same tactic used by the liberal politicians and their sycophantic, leftists, in the main stream media. They figure that if they throw enough lies out there some will stick, especially with their gullible, low information voters.

    "Dwinsgames" wrote:


     :reading: Coaches coach and players play. My game ball goes to those players that decided to play as they are coached and expected to play. For instance, I saw no half-hearted or half-assed attempts at tackling by the defense. The patchwork offensive line had their issues, but they showed some moxie and swagger, especially in the run game against a good Bills DL that is pretty stout.

    I ventured over to the steelers universe site, at the behest of Dwins, and it took all of two visits for me to say, "Nope, nada, not again. I'm not going to put myself through dealing with ignorant, inanely stupid, over emotional, self aggrandizing, egotistical and outright delusional and grossly misinformed people." The whole experience is an exercise in frustration and futility and one that I don't care to endure any more.

    There is no talking point in this column that I disagree with. I'm sure that nearly everyone in here agrees with me since we've addressed everyone Kovacevic's points, several times, and we will continue to do so.

    As for Tomlin taking full responsibility for their piss poor drafts, since being hired, I find his comment commendable, but I ain't buying it. No one is. First, it implies that he alone is the sole decision maker as it relates to personnel decisions. Please. That, my friends, is an insult to our intelligence. It contradicts everything that we've been told about how personnel decisions are made. We've heard it said, countless times, that personnel decisions are a group effort, especially as it relates to player evaluations leading up to the draft. Looking at the '08 and '09 drafts, those of us here at could have produced much better results in those drafts.

    As it relates to their cap problems, I have said, already, that this team never had their backs against the cap ceiling until they hired Tomlin.

    IMO, the buck stops with Art Rooney. He can't be sleeping very well watching his team break records for losses and for allowing opposing Q.B.'s to break NFL records against his team's defense. He has to not only be very disappointed, but also he has to be extremely embarrassed to witness his team's worst performance in decades. The culture of his organization and their business model has been the most envied and duplicated of any team in the NFL. Apparently, since Tomlin's hiring, they have strayed away from what has made them the franchise many teams aspire to be.

    "Dwinsgames" wrote:

    yea you did ..... but you was only about 50 points off in the total score department :wink:

    Ya think? Watching Brady and company score, at will, was making my eyes bleed. I was yelling at the TV, "Jeezus H.! The Steelers defense looks like a collection of matadors and speed bumps! They can't stop anything the pats are doing!

    The Bills look to get their rookie Q.B. back while the Steelers look to get DeCastro back. Alas, DeCastro's return won't be enough to secure a victory.

    Ben throws two more I.N.T.'s, the running game fails to reach one hundred yards, again, Ben gets sacked four times, the O.L. will have four drive killing holding calls and one personal foul call for hands-to-the-face. Bills punter, Moorman, will have three punts downed inside the five yard line and the Steelers go three and out each time with one being a fumble recovery by the Bills. Suisham is the leading scorer for the Steelers with twelve points. The Steelers get their lone touchdown when the Bills seemingly make a goal line stand, Tomlin throws a red flag and the instant replay review reveals that the ball touched the goal line.

    The Steelers defense will amass one sack and two Q.B. hurries. They will allow the Bills to have their best running game, one hundred and thirty-six yards, so far this season. The Steelers secondary allows the Bills Q.B. to throw for over four hundred yards and two T.D.'s with one running T.D.

    Steelers - 19
    Bills - 28

    There is one word to describe this team: Dysfunction.

    They make too many mistakes. Poor coaching, miscommunication, stupid penalties, poor tackling, dropped passes, fumbling, poor blocking and protection by the OL and a failure to stop the opposing team's key play makers. Last week they let Pryor do the one thing they claimed they needed to protect against. This week they allowed Gronkowski to have an all pro day receiving. The Steelers are a dysfunctional team, from the front office to the players.

    No DeCastro. :nohope:

    Whimper and Beachum will allow at least two sacks on Ben's total of five sacks.

    Ben will throw two INT's because the pat's pass rush will be in his face.

    Brown will drop another T.D. Pass and then fumble a punt return.

    Sanders reaches for a perfectly thrown pass, loses his concentration, the ball bounces off of his hands and into the grasp of the pats' DB.

    Now, for the bad stuff... :roll:

    Steelers - 13
    Pats - 33

    The running game will net sixty-seven yards while the passing game will total two hundred twenty-two yards.

    "Lemonhead" wrote:

    Oh come on can always be disagreeable, when you want to! :bigsmile: :wink:

     :reading: D., disagreeable? Obviously you have mistaken him for someone else. :wink:

    "Mistah_Q" wrote:

    I'd be content if we just kept who we've got here, got a few of the old guys back (JC, Bert, Paul, Mex, DSH, etc... where y'all at?), and perhaps selectively recruited others --

    The problem with that lies in the board admin issues though. I think Dwins is stuck cleaning up all the spam robots that sign up every time we try to allow regular people to register.

    I bet we could have a thriving place here if JC had the time to invest, but like for so many of us, life moves on. I'm glad for one he's at least kept the server running. There might not be a lot of us left here, but here's still home :cheers:

    I will never leave this site as long as it exists. I like it here because of the exceptional level of sane, mature and informative content in the majority of posts by people that I have come to respect and in some cases, admire, (sorry, D. :bigsmile: ).

    I was part of other fan sites, but grew ever increasingly bored, frustrated, despondent, disappointed and eventually angry with the whole experience because those sites are one in the same, except their names are different. As far as I'm concerned they are clones or mirror images of each other with the same stereotypical characters and personality types. They are fraught with the same inane, irrational, immature, and uninformed comments.

    "wineshard" wrote:

    What you will see is a rise of a Defensive monster of a team that will start destroying these 100+ Million Dollar QB -headed offenses with a QB that is just good enough to get the job done.

    With the NFL's desire to have high scoring games a monster defense would focus on attacking the Q.B. and his receivers. They've made the running back a hybrid position. The days of having a dominant running game has been phased out in favor of a high scoring passing attack. Running backs are now being evaluated as much for their pass catching as they are for their running ability.

    They released punter, Mesko and signed a ten year vet, McBriar.

    Now they need to field a defense that can actually fulfill their stated goal of preventing their opponent's, fleet-of-foot, Q.B. from running on them. Tomlin and the defensive players talked all week about how their focus was to contain Pryor. They were so focused on that task that they allowed Pryor to run for an NFL record, beating former Steelers Q.B., Kordell Stewart's record... on their very first possession of the game!

    Speaking of the draft... Therein lies the dilemma with this team. Since Tomlin was hired their drafts have not yielded the results that they had hoped they would. They have had far more misses than hits, especially from the second round on. The fact that they have no players from their 2008 draft on the team anymore speaks volumes about the piss poor job that Colbert and his scouting team has done. I also don't ever remember seeing this organization have the cap management issues under Cowher that they've had since they hired Tomlin. Therefore, in order for this organization to win another Super Bowl there must be a complete reevaluation of the criteria, standards, practices, policies and procedures of the personnel department.

    In fairness, much of the problem is the direct result of the ever increasing number of one hundred, plus, million dollar quarterbacks that are eating up a quarter of their team's cap space. When a team has that much of their cap devoted to one player it's going to have a negative cause and affect on their ability to put together a championship caliber team. Even if they do achieve that goal their window has grown smaller, in that, they don't have, but three or four years before they begin to lose players to free agency. I'm interested to see how the Ravens are going to field a competitive team now that Flacco's has his one hundred twenty-five million dollar contract. The same goes for the Bengals once they sign Andy Dalton to a one hundred plus, million dollar contract.