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Hello members and visitors! The forum has been upgraded to a new server and new forum software versions. We are in the process of tidying up and making it look nicer, but for now, please check out our two newest themes: Steel Nexus and Steel Nexus Worksafe!

    Major forum upgrade was performed this morning. Now we're on:

    WoltLab Suite Core 3.0.5 (formerly WoltLab Community Framework)

    WoltLab Suite Burning Board Forum 5.0.5

    WoltLab Suite Blog 3.0.5

    Modern Shoutbox 3.0.2

    ~Tim's Chat is not yet compatible with the upgraded forum software suite, but the developer is working on it, and the chat room should be up and running by time the season begins.

    Last night there was a DDOS attack on the site. While CloudFlare generally protects us from this, what happened was the large number of requests on the SQL database gave us - not a bandwidth issue but a VRAM issue. If you were unable to access the site during the past 12 hours or so that is basically the reason.

    Routine server restarts are now included in the site maintenance schedule to help minimize the amount of server memory occupied by SQL at any given time.

    We're off to a smashing start here, but there is always an opportunity to improve and the potential to make things even better. The website is built on a backbone called the WoltLab Community Framework (WCF) and Woltlab Burning Board Forum (WBB) and it is an extremely versatile framework - highly customizable, highly extensible. There are plenty of plugins, apps, and extensions to be found in the English community, but the forum is made by a German developer, so if you can navigate any German, you can find even more (WCF/WBB is a very popular solution in Central and Northern Europe, but doesn't have as much exposure in the UK or the US as things like vBulletin or Xenforo... which in my opinion is a shame... but I digress).

    So without further ado we'd like to kick off the forum's feature requests discussion. We already had a smaller one in the moderator area but now that everything is rolling, it's time to open it up to the public.

    If you want to trawl for ideas, the official support and plugin community for WBB/WCF can be found here:

    Some of the wacky things we can do include integrating teamspeak or minecraft servers, adding a pillory to put naughty members on public display, adding the ability to log in via steam, adding a bot to automatically wish members a happy birthday, handing out user-of-the-month trophies, and the list goes on. Of course, we would like to keep it mostly football relevant but anything that will add enjoyment to our visitors and keep them around for football talk will be considered.

    it is posting up the interviews that are already in that section ... not sure if that was intended or not

    from now on when I post an interview it will be here in its entirety ( not just a link to another site )

    want to build this place not be a middleman for someone else

    Yeah that was my big concern - when I activated the app it posted threads that were already there. Let's hope that was a one-time deal and from now on it just posts new ones.

    Alright, via rss feeds and an app called

    Every 30 minutes it will check for new threads in three forums:

    College & Draft
    Prospect Interviews

    And if there are new threads it will announce them via our twitter.

    I'm only anticipating one potential problem and time will tell whether it happens: I want it to post new threads from now on, not every thread from the beginning of time until now. I don't want it to go through and post every single old thread; if it does I may be deleting some tweets until it's finished doing that.

    Thenceforth should be good :OK:

    You may have come here expecting to see the old site - or maybe you were directed here from there. The site was very long overdue for software maintenance and upgrades, and here it is. We've switched to Woltlab's Burning Board forum software which you can read more about here: -- or heck, you can just stick around and experience it for yourself right here.

    You can log in with your same username and password from before. Doing so will activate your account on here and you'll be all set - except for your avatar. I wasn't able to import them properly. The good news is, if you need to grab your old avatar or go back for another reason, the old version of the forum is still live (for now) at:

    The theme on this forum is pretty plain - for now - the important thing was getting the software upgrade performed and the users and posts imported and working properly. Now we can set to work prettying it up, and there should be a discussion in the Steelers subforum about what you want to see out of the new site. Don't worry... I'm going to bring back as many of the old smilies as I can.

    And oh - those of you with huge monitor resolutions or who access from cell phones, things should be a heck of a lot nicer for you to look at now.

    ~Q (for now... I don't intend on keeping the main admin account, but I got drafted to perform the site upgrades
     :P )