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    as Bad as we need to address NT I am starting to think if Connor Cook continues to slide he may be just to good a value to pass on at this point ...

    if ben goes down ( god forbid ) we can not rely on Jones to win games for us ..... if we have Cook and it happens we have a chance and if he plays lights out a few games he becomes fantastic trade bait next year

    great point. I would have no problem what so all with taking Cook. He played in a pro style offense on a great team.

    yeah, i'll trust their judgement because I haven't studied a lot of tape and have no access to interviews. it's just amazing that with how Bell was projected that he slid this far. I loved him as a player at OSU.

    And Davis is better in those categories than Bell?

    Bell was a big run support guy and a tackling machine. Not sure on his ballhawking skills but that wasn't what he was asked to do. he covered the open territory very well though.

    him over bell. wth. is there some red flag with bell that we all don't know about? being 1.5 hours from Columbus I can say I haven't heard a word.

    bell was rated as a 1st round pick by many and I wouldn't have argued. there has to be something we don't know about.

    If Bell from Ohio State at 58 I wouldn't mind taking him, that would sure shore up the D backfield.

    I believe Bell is the better player between him and Apple.

    While I like Timmons, I'm less concerned about ILB than I am about o-line depth. You guys seem to forget that last year most were calling for Adams to be let go or at most assigned to a backup role. That being said, I don't think the Steelers will have much of a problem signing him to a friendly contract if the want to. It's not like he played all year with an exceptional grade. We should be able to sign him on the cheap which I'd be fine with. As far as Beachum and Foster I'd love to be able to keep them both. But right now as things stand I'd keep Foster over Beachum. I know that goes against popular belief but Foster was the one making the o-line ready signals to Ben and the center. That's not something to take lightly. There is a repertoire between him and Ben that makes him valuable. I'd love for the Steelers to keep all of them, but if any of them have to go at this point I'd have to cut Adams. He just hasn't shown enough to justify him.

    I do however think they will make a deal that will keep Timmons a lifelong Steeler. Just not sure that is the best thing for the team.

    I wouldn't be surprised at all. I live amongst bunghole fans every day. Even my wife is one. They don't know the meaning of most NFL rules. They are the most fair weather fans I've ever seen. If it doesn't go their way they will point out every little thing but to them the bungholes could never do anything wrong. I'm the first one to admit if I think a Steeler was in the wrong. And Shazier should have been penalized on the hit to Bernard. He clearly lowered his head. Now I can see potentially why it wasn't called if the claimed it was already a catch and that Bernard was a runner but I still disagree, you can't lower your head an spear. However all the bunghole fans want to point out to that as why they lost. They don't' even bother to point out all the other offenses that the bungholes made that weren't called.

    Booing when Ben was injured and throwing stuff on the field, how classless. I hope to never see Steelers fans do anything of the sort. No matter the outcome, no matter the circumstances, it's still a game and a game of respect for the other players and team.

    I was at the last game in Cincy and a douchebag Bunghole fan every time Ben came on the filed kept yelling still a rapist. It was totally annoying and us classy Steelers fans all around him had to hold our tempers. Considering they have the one and only Pacman Jones. The second half of the game he was a quite sob and left midway through the 4rth quarter.

    I had free tickets to the game offered to me today and had to pass on them as we already had prior commitments. :(

    Bengals are banged up in the secondary a little. The new 3 B's for this year (Bryant replacing Bell) continue to roll. Another 500+ yard game for the Steelers O. Boykin is the difference but the Bengals still score a lot of points. Close shootout game. Boykin's 1 int as the Bengals are driving helps to seal the game.

    Steelers - 36 (four td's for Ben, 1 for Williams, a 2pt conversion)
    Bengals - 31 (3 pass td's, 1 rush, 1 fg)

    PS - I'll be at the game cheering on the black & gold!