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    This game is a mess. All the new pieces on defense are still trying to come together. Kizer completes a couple of deep shots downfield where the Steelers DBs spend a bit of time after the play pointing at each other and saying "I thought you had him?". DL play and LBs are solid. Watt has a couple of "welcome to the NFL" moments where things he pulled off in college fail to work. Overall the defense plays well, but the splash plays are not there and the Browns move the ball better than most people expected.

    On offense, Haley and Ben seem obsessed with force-feeding Bryant the ball. He isn't ready yet and it shows. The timing is all off. Same with Bell. He is a half-step slow to the hole and on his routes. Conner plays not enough and Bell plays too much. McDonald flashes, but the timing is off there as well. The offense is all herky-jerky and promising drives repeatedly fizzle out. The Wizard of Boz is called upon more than anyone would like.

    Steelers scrape together a win, because it is the Browns. 19-12.

    Final thought, Peppers shows from the jump that he is going to be a force. Makes life miserable all day for the Steelers offense.

    Conner seems to be the real deal as well. I have heard from others that they are convinced that he will be far better in the NFL than he was in NCAA. Getting healthier and the way he will be used.

    I'm excited about him for two reasons. One the man's personal story is impossible not to root for and two - I have deja vu with him and Bell coming out of college.

    Both had reps as bigger bruising backs. Both come to Steelers and are asked to lose some weight. Bell then basically re-invents the modern RB position. Conner - next man up with sneaky pass catching skills?

    Things we Know Now:

    1. Justin Hunter always plays well in shorts. Not so much in pads. His two best days in camp were in unpadded practices.

    2. Mike Hilton is going to make the roster.

    3. Dobbs has potential but is still a ways away from making Jones irrelevant.

    The rest seems like will need some time to sort itself out.

    With the potential physicality of the WR corps (Juju likes to block, DHB, Coates, Hunter, and Severin are all big bodies) you may be able to get some of the same plays out of 10 personnel that you could out of 11 personnel - considering that James, Grimble, and whoever else makes the roster aren't much for blocking anyways.

    I would go heavy at WR this year. Stash some of these UDFA TEs on the PS and call it a day.

    What we can start debating is if Green was a Miller replacement or Bryant insurance. I don't know.

    I do know that I wholeheartedly argue that you draft a QB every year until you have 2 you like.

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    How about this. We can revisit in the preseason after they both play. We can watch Jones fail to move the offense. Let's see what Dobbs does in comparison.

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    What team drafts a guy to develop into becoming a back up? Landry Jones is an adequate back up, and will continue to serve in that role for the foreseeable future. Because the third QB doesn't get any snaps in practice, how is Dobbs supposed to develop anyway? The selection of Dobbs was as idiotic as the selection of Jones in 2013. Adequate back up quarterbacks are easy to find in free agency. There was no need to draft one in 2013 or this year.

    Wait? What? This doesn't make any sense. Teams draft backup QBs outside of the first two rounds every year.

    What adequate backup QBs are available in free agency? Mike Glennon got 15 million. Osweiler got more than that. Hoyer got a sizable payday.

    Everyone wants to complain about the backup QB being bad. Why can't we have someone like AJ Mccaron. Then the team drafts one and that's the wrong move as well?

    Jones is simply not good enough. He can not run the offense and is the single biggest factor in 1-3 losses per season. How is using a low fourth round pick to potentially overcome that a bad idea?

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    I'm not over the moon about the Dobbs pick, but I can see the logic. I am warming up to it as well and certainly think it is an attempt to fill a far bigger need than TE.

    Hi college completion percentages were all between 59-63% - 60% is usually the minimum for the pros.

    He got better over the course of his career in college and he played behind some bad lines which is where I think the mechanical issues come from.

    Bottom line for me is that the biggest problem with Landry Jones is that he is slow to make decisions and hesitant to let 'er rip and take a chance on getting the ball into the hands of his playmakers. Dobbs college career strongly points out that will not be a problem with him. Dobbs makes fairly quick decisions (not always the right one) and he has zero problem letting it fly.

    I think he might be an almost "instant" upgrade to the #2 spot (Steelers won't give it to him and they will for some bizarre reason let Jones hang out another season) and has a bit of potential to be more.

    But this is coming from the guy who really wanted to walk out of this draft with Chad Kelly - so what do I know?

    Why? What is a bigger threat to this teams championship aspirations over the next 1-3 years - lack of a dominant TE (assuming Kittle develops into that) or the annual 3 game shit show that happens when Roethlisberger gets hurt, Jones stinks, Ben rushes back, the team loses a few it should win, etc?

    Then the other later round TE hopefuls (Hodges and Sprinkle) come at the cost of Allen. Again, what is going to be more impactful for the franchise? A TE or a man cover DB?

    I don't know why everyone is evaluating the Dobbs pick as some sort of failure because he is not likely to develop into a "franchise" guy. If he develops into one of the most dependable back-up QBs in the league -- how is that a "bad" 4th round pick?

    Severin is back.…-qb-schuessler-lb-blount/

    So there is a freakish amount of WR depth on the roster currently. Wonder if they consider keeping more than 5 or 6?

    15 Ayers, Demarcus WR 5-9 190 22 1 Houston

    84 Brown, Antonio WR 5-10 181 28 8 Central Michigan

    10 Bryant, Martavis WR 6-4 211 25 3 Clemson

    14 Coates, Sammie WR 6-1 212 24 3 Auburn

    83 Hamilton, Cobi WR 6-2 201 26 2 Arkansas

    88 Heyward-Bey, Darrius WR 6-2 210 30 9 Maryland

    11 Hunter, Justin WR 6-4 203 25 5 Tennessee

    17 Rogers, Eli WR 5-10 187 24 3 Louisville

    Severin, Canaan WR 6-2 205 24 2 Virginia

    19 Smith-Schuster, JuJu WR 6-1 215 20 R USC

    16 Tucker, Marcus WR 5-10 190 24 1 Northern Michigan

    I feel that I can easily see Cobi Hamilton getting cut. He's big and he made a few catches, but he is just a guy and not likely to get significantly better.

    Unless Marcus Tucker is the second coming of AB, he isn't necessary because Ayers and Rogers do the same things. Unless there is something about Tucker that I don't know about - which is most likely the case.

    AB, Bryant, Coates, Smith-Schuster, and Rogers are "locks".

    That means that Hunter, Heyward-Bey, Severin, and Ayers are competing for 1-2 spots.

    There are some NFL teams that would be less than upset to have that as their top 4.

    I have no idea why you don't bring Mettenberger to camp. Especially if your okay with brining some UDFA as a camp arm on the roster. Why not Mettenberger instead?

    I feel like this move can only mean that Landry Jones is cemented as the #2 QB and they have no interest in changing that for 2017. Which is super dumb.

    And I clearly said outside of the first round there is not as much of an incentive to trade back. Of course it can still happen, but it may be difficult to move from the low 3rd to the mid 4th for a 6th round pick if most other teams are concerned they will miss "their guy".

    And that is my point about "value". It isn't for me if a guy could'v been had 3 picks or 10 picks later. It is does this player fill a need for the team that selected them and what is a reasonable projection of that player's impact over the first 2-3 years of their career.

    One last thing on the concept of value. The whole such and such player could've been had x number of picks later. Great. But unless that x is a full round later, a team isn't getting him. So, trade back. Well it takes two to tango and the revised trade value chart seems to make smaller moves less attractive. Just a quick thought.

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