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    While I partly agree , I still potentially see a window in inking Bryant but it would have to be a wisely worded contract hedging against his proven ways ...

    a cautious contract with strong wording may get a deal done based on the fact he is 1 badly timed joint away from a year out of football , that could keep his value down for a short term prove it contract extension ....

    deal would have to be done prior to him becoming a FA otherwise some team could pop up willing to gambles on him , its a situation you just do not know for sure until you get to that point

    Bryant doesn't need to sign any strongly worded contract. He knows that when he hits FA the Cowboys will pay him Dez money with no strings attached. Jerry will probably even give him stock options at this point.

    Steelers 23
    Seahwaks 20

    I have no logic behind that statistic. I just need AB to light it up for my fantasy team. I also would like Jimmy Graham to do reasonably well, as long as it's in a losing effort.

    Steelers loyalty always trumps fantasy. It's not even a choice on my part. It just is. You guys understand.

    good point... i was just bent out of shape because a big ol' pile of poo could fall on the entire patriots organization and brady and belicheck would come out of it without a drop on them smelling like roses... i seriously can't stand either of them....

    Ubu, they lost valuable draft picks due to Goodell's ego over proper procedure. I hate the idea of the Patriots getting a break too, but I hope Kraft takes the NFL to court over that as well. I want as much pressure put on the NFL to fire Goodell as possible. At some point, all these law suits will get annoying and costly enough to the owners that the'll decide they can find another CEO that can do all the things they think Roger does well, and just cut bait with him as a sign of goodwill to the players and to humanity in general.

    The funny part is that now that new threads in the Steelers section are automatically broadcast to twitter, in a way we have to be careful about what the thread titles and such are in here. But in this case, couldn't agree more!

    Thanks for the heads up. I was just about to start a thread where the title would have been something like: Goodell catches on fire, James Harrison actually peeis on him but only after drinking a gallon of gasoline (which he does everyday just in case this exact opportunity arises), and burned Goodell (alive, but in the most painful possible way, yet somehow his ass and all nerve endings inside remain perfectly intact) ends up in prison for fondling an under aged ball boy's balls, and arson for setting the fire that burned him. But the best part is that he'd be totally innocent of all charges yet be convicted anyway by a jury of NFL fans. And the sentencing judge would be a Steelers fan so he makes sure Goodell is sentenced to the gang section of the worst prison in the country. No, that's not actually the best part. The best part is how Goodell then manages to unintentionally bring about peace in prison between all the divided-by-race prison gangs, and the gangs celebrate by unselfishly passing Goodell from one gang to the other every few days because they all get a kick out of the fact that his ass is the one area on him that isn't burned to a crisp. Prison gangs love irony. And Rape. They especially love combining the two. He spends the rest of his life (until he finally dies of some disgusting infection in prison one day before he's set to be released) with the nickname given to him by the gang members. "The Sticky Lombardy."

    That's probably too many characters for Twitter anyway.

    As long as he's a beast on the field, I'm not all that interested in how gracefully the man walks. He could come in last in the walking event at the Special Olympics for all I care. Give him one of those old people Rascals to roll him to and from the field. I want a football player who demands a double team, not a runway model who demands a skinny latte and six lines of blow.

    He seems super motivated to prove the Browns wrong for putting Danny Shelton over him on the depth chart, which is great for us, especially being a divisional rival of his former team. I don't know if he'd start at nose right away, but if healthy we'd definitely rotate him in over Cam Thomas. I hope. If he's injury prone like some say, I still think he's a good signing to get all we can from him. Rotating him in without putting him out there all game could help with that.

    I'm trying to think of a receiver who had a case of the drops early on who went on to fix that and become great. Other than our very own Limus Sweed of course. :)

    I know the transition from college to the NFL is very hard for most receivers but that usually has to do with route running and the unexpected speed of defenders. I'm not sure about drops though. But then again, that jugs machine has to be for something right? But catching balls from the jugs is in no way simulating game situations and pressure. Running at top speed and making a catch with a DB draped all over you is a very different beast. Is that something you either have or you don't? Or can it really be fixed through practicing really hard? If it's the latter, then he couldn't find a better mentor, when it comes to practicing right, than AB. And it looks like Coates is all in with that, letting AB take him under his wing. So no need to worry, or great need to worry?

    Are the Bears so deep at corner that the'd cut him unless he lost a step? At 5'8 he can't afford to lose any steps. And he's 31. That's right around the age where some speedsters do lose a step.

    What about Phil Taylor at DL? He was released by the Browns and has 3-4 experience. We are thin on the DL even if Tuitt comes back week 1. He's coming in for a visit at least.

    Is Mitchell hurt again? That sucks. I hated him last year, but even if we don't account for the nagging injury, he played much better when Troy wasn't in there confusing him. And confusing him for no good reason since Troy just wasn't Troy anymore.

    I think he's probably the best safety we've got. We're all hoping that Shamarko takes a huge leap forward... just like we were expecting last year... and just like Jarvis Jones... who we were also expecting it from last year.

    As far as the linebackers, I expect to see a totally different force to the whole LB core once Timmons is back, and calling the defensive plays. Right now Timmons is probably the best player on our defense... unless James Harrison really has beat back father time.

    Mistah Q, who would you start if you got rid of Mitchell? Shamarko, who so far has showed nothing but potential... which essentially means nothing, and Allen? And who do we have behind them? Golden? I'd rather take my chances with Mitchell, who at least has shown that he can play the position well, I guess across from Allen until Shamarko stops with the potential and starts with the results.

    I started another thread asking if Tim Jennings (who the Bears just cut) can be made into a safety. Maybe if we'd had the entire preseason with him to find out. He's probably too short to play corner, and at 31 I doubt he has the speed and hops to make up for that. Maybe as a nickel or dime once in a while. I don't know. We'd probably have to invite him in and kick the tires to see if he has anything left.

    Do any of you know if any other team has too many good safeties to keep them all? We should be ready to swoop.

    CB Tim Jennings was just released by the Bears. He's short and past his prime and apparently not good enough to make the Bears roster. I wonder if he can be converted into a safety.

    Well if RGIII can't land a legit shot at a starting gig, we're probably in the market for a long term backup and eventual Ben replacement. Man this oregano Martavis gave me is tasty...

    I'm sure we have that old folder with the Kordell Stewart offense lying around here somewhere. All we have to do to win some more trophies is dust that bad boy off and get us some RG3. What could go wrong? And nothing about the notion would bother any die hard Steelers fan. That is some tasty oregano...

    The Giants could have RG3 today for a song if they wanted. But then you need a better offensive line and reengineer your offense to suit his assets if you wanted a chance at any kind of decent performance from him. He's not a great back up, for a team with an entirely different kind of offense, who can come off the bench and win anything for you. But they could grab him for a fifth round pick just to possibly help negotiations with Eli, but only if they're really prepared to let Eli walk and commit to RG3 as their starter next year (could you ever imagine Coughlin revamping his offense for RG3? They'd probably have to fire Coughlin and find someone who could do it successfully. Someone like Andy Reid, but he won't be available) . As is, the Giants' offense can probably put up around 30 points a game with the receiving talent they've acquired if Eli has a bounce back year (which he always does after a bad one). If that line can protect him for 3 seconds he'll find a target. And a couple things to remember, he's the perfect QB for a New York team, who never creates drama and is too boring for the media to hound. Also, I expect that some of his "bad" play last year stems from receivers running the wrong routes and not being on the same page with him. They'll have that fixed coming into this season.

    If the Giants just pay Eli then they have a window (depending on the length of Eli's contract) to just rebuild that defense. If you devote pretty much all your draft picks to defense, along with some wise free agent pick ups, the Giants have a shot at another championship in the next five years. If they let Eli walk, they could be the Jets. And the Jets have been the Jets for a LONG time, searching for a QB who can take them all the way and win a championship. Or two. :)

    Dwins, I absolutely agree that the Giants need to draft his replacement if they are in a position to get someone with huge upside in round 2 or later. The problem is, they have so many needs on that team, they have no draft picks to really spend on a non-immediate need.

    Eli is streaky, no doubt, but if you get a decent team around him, he'll might take you to the super bowl and win it, most likely. I can see why it creates a horrible precedent to make him the highest paid QB because then guys like Russell Wilson are justified in asking for even more, and on and on for QBs who you want to keep but are not in the very top bracket.

    On the other hand, Eli holds all the cards here. I'd rather keep him then take a chance on any of the QBs who were drafted since Andrew Luck. I know he can win championships, but not by himself. The QB is usually the hardest piece in the puzzle to fill. The Browns, Bills, or Texans would wet themselves with joy if they could have Eli Manning. They'd all be legit contenders that you couldn't ever count out.

    If the Giants had thought of this two years ago, they maybe could have brought someone along by now, but what QB would you want to groom out of the last two years' draft classes, given where the Giants picked, and you probably also have to assume they wouldn't have used a first round pick? There are very few gems (like Russell Wilson) past the first two rounds, even going back to the Eli, Ben, and Rivers draft.

    Am I wrong? Were there a bunch of prospects (who turned out to be really good) the Giants could have had that I'm forgetting?

    Steelers confident O-line can hum without Pouncey


    I don't understand when people say stuff like the above quote and commentary by the article's writer. I'm pretty sure most of us are not seriously wondering if a backup is just as good as an All Pro starter. But thanks for finding such an insightful angle to an article. But what the hell does it mean that: 'The Steelers, smartly, aren't even going to ask Legursky or Cody Wallace to try.' Are the Steelers honestly saying, 'hey, backups, whatever you do, DO NOT try to be as good as the injured starter who is better than you."? If so, I'm not seeing the 'smart' part that SI's Professor Football sees. Far be it from me to wonder if this genius article writer just might be making that part up, and actually has no idea what the Steelers are telling them to do. Because really, why not make something up in an article for a sport's magazine that is better known for its swimsuit models than for any actual sports analysis? But then again, I'm the moron who needed to be schooled in the complexity of the formula: Backup < All Pro Starter. I mean, I always thought the Steelers tend to go with the 'Next Man Up' philosophy of motivational statements when a starter goes down. I must have missed the transition the Steelers made to the much 'smarter': 'He's good. You suck. So For God's Sake, don't try to emulate the guy who's actually good, thereby striving to be better than you already are. Did we mention how much worse you are than the guy who normally starts for us at that position? We did? Well, if saying it once is smart, saying it twice is like, double smart! And don't try to emulate us and our smart ways either. Because if the all-knowing Football Gods wanted you to be good and smart, they wouldn't have gone out of their way to make you bad and dumb' philosophical approach. And here I was thinking that the only useful takeaway from the article was that Tuitt will probably be ready to play in the first regular season game. But maybe I'm misunderstanding what exactly Super Writer means by that statement as well. I think I might need to hear the concept explained by a less creative and insightful source than the SI geniuses to be sure I'm interpreting it correctly.

    I think during preseason the players should wear those inflatable sumo wrestling outfits, plus knee braces, elbow braces, ankle braces, and braces for all those braces. A few rolls of bubble wrap wouldn't hurt. They should also wear automatic stun guns on their ankles and knees. When someone starts to roll on them, that person will receive a shock that will launch him into the air and off the vulnerable joint.

    Theses are just first thought theater ideas, people. Perhaps they can be improved upon.

    Maybe we need a wizard or something to cast protection spells over our players. I don't see a downside. But I'm not talking about fake ass entertainers. I'm talking Gandalf level mother fu#@%rs. Or a Summa Cum Laude graduate from Hogwarts. That kind of thing. If a Satanic ritual is required, where the dark lord is promised the immortal soul of the guy who's supposed to keep Tomlin off the field during a runback, I can live with that. I just feel bad for anyone forced to deal with the Dark Lord, Roger Goodell, even if the terms seem reasonable at first. He'll always find a way to screw us over.

    so can hIf the playoffs started tomorrow, and Harrison was out, I would expect Jones to get the nod for the first couple series, and then Chickillo to come in for the duration. And it's a combination of Jones not growing like he should have, and Chickillo surprising. Man, that weight he lost after the combine has got him a step faster, and all of the sudden he looks like he's got a touch of Chad Brown in him. Maybe not quite that athletic, but he's got that same great read and first step to the ball. He's picking it up faster than most rookies, because he comes from a football family, and he's outplaying Jones.

    have heard many with eye on the scene in Latrobe that he looks more like a first round pick than not only Jones but Dupree as well ..
    he is shocking the world right now no doubt , I loved him as a transition guy from 3-4 to 4-3 sets and when they said he was going to be a linebacker I cringed because I did not feel he had the hips to turn and run .. the loss of weight has changed that believe , he moves pretty well and was his motor ever in question ? I do not think so

    So, can he put some of that weight back on and be a 3-4 DE? With Tuitt out for a while I think we need more help at that position rather than OLB at the moment. And Jones looked pretty good today (but I haven't watched the entire game yet) and Harrison is Harrison. I think we'll survive at ROLB. But Tuitt might miss some significant time and this is the year we're counting on him taking it to another level. This preseason crap isn't all it's cracked up to be. I feel bad for the Packers as well. I had Jordy Nelson on my fantasy team last year so obviously I love the man.

    Mitchell and Wheaton's hammies concern me the most. Mitchell in particular. Last year, it was the torn groin. If it's gonna be another year of excuses because of injuries from him, we're in deep shit. He gave up way too many plays last year.

    I hated Mitchell last year, but have to admit that he played better when Troy was out. Either they were just never gonna be a good fit together with Troy's improvising ways or maybe it was just his diminishing skills that made Mitchell's job so much harder. Either way I expect better play out of Mitchell this year, provided he's healthy.

    A safety like Troy comes around once in a great while, so while we won't have anything like that at the safety position for the foreseeable future, I'm really hoping to see a leap in improvement from the shark. There seemed to be so much potential in the guy. Maybe he's got the system down now and can just go out and play.

    If Cortez can step up his game this year (and I think he will) I like Boykin starting opposite him, and Gay has proven to be a far better nickel corner than a #1 or #2. It sucks about Golson's injury, but if this plan works out he wouldn't have seen much action this year anyway. Our secondary won't be the greatest in the NFL, but they became less of a disaster with the Boykin acquisition.