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    Gotta be honest, I love this draft for us thus far. I know it's easy to say that on draft weekend, but we've gotten a lot of guys that should be able to contribute in one way or another.

    Willie Parker was 35 pounds bigger than this guy, and 3-4 inches. He can fly, but they will have to be extremely judicious in how they use him. My goodness if a Ryan Shazier squared him up this guy would shatter. I was taken aback by how fragile he looked in his clips. I mean size-wise. He ran hard and all just...he can't help them from the ICU. I just felt with the number of holes we have this is a luxury pick. You can't use this guy more than a dozen snaps a game.

    Our most pressing need is young talent. There is virtually no direction they could go that would not improve this team. Our best players today were our best players 5 years ago at almost every position, and the ones that are not it's because that area has gotten worse (DL, OL, etc.)

    I'm not referring to trade rumors, a transition to becoming a "more cerebral" QB, or any of that. I'm talking about the scary news coming out about Bret Favre this week. I've long held this sense of dread in my heart for Ben. Fact; since the day of his draft no QB in the NFL has been hit or sacked more than Ben has, in addition to which no other QB has stopped a Buick with his head in that time frame. Ben has already exhibited signs of "questionable decision making" off the field. I love seeing him being tough and making plays after/during contact as the next guy, but I surely can't be the only one cringing at every hit. Am I the only one with a sick feeling in my stomach when I consider his life 10-15 years from now?

    I'm for the BPA. Call me a downer but I think this team is a long, long way from being a legit contender. I think that their talent level in the context of career progression (who are your best players and where are they in their career arc) is about bottom five in the league. Our best players are closer to the ends of the careers than the beginning (including Ben) and likely to decline in some cases rapidly (Kiesel, Ike, Troy, etc.) They have virtually no proven probowl caliber players under 30 that have exhibited an ability to remain healthy for the course of an NFL season (granted, hope remains for Brown and Jones and DeCastro but right now, no they are not proven probowlers). There is almost no direction they can go in the draft where hitting in the first 2 rounds would not dramatically improve the talent level of this team. They are bad and the occasional brilliant game from Ben can't disguise that. And I think they are going to get worse unless they get sudden leaps forward from guys like Heyward, Wheaton, Allen, etc.

    Primanti you may be right about DeCastro I am saying to now, which obviously his own injury retarded his development. I just hpe the dude can bounce back. He has a severe friendly fire knee injury, then he causes one with an incomprehensibly poor attempt at a all accounts he is still devastated which is natural. Question is...does he get over it? Or did the last 16 months scar him too deep? Hope not but as of this point, he is just a so-so OL. Sadly, that makes him our best healthy OL.

    I just think when you look at the investment made for almost no return in the two positions most influential to a QBs success, it's shocking how badly they have "treated" Ben from a support standpoint.

    This is not a very talented football team. They don't have enough good players to win regularly. Their best offensive player was drafted in 2004. Their best defensive player was drafted in 2003. Since 2005 their first 3 picks have yielded the following:
    2006 Santonio Holmes (gone) Anthony Smith (gone) Willie Reid (gone)
    2007 Lawrence Timmons (quality starter) LaMar Woodley (quality starter) Matt Spaeth (marginal reserve)
    2008 Rashard Mendenhall (gone) Limas Sweed (gone) Bruce Davis (gone)
    2009 Ziggy Hood (marginal starter) Kraig Urbik (gone) Mike Wallace (gone)
    2010 Maurkice Pouncey( injury prone starter) Jason Worilds (marginal rotation player) Emmanual Sanders (marginal starter)
    2011 Cameron Heyward (marginal reserve) Marcus Gilbert (marginal starter) Curtis Brown (I don't even know did he make the team this year?)
    2012 David DeCastro (incomplete, but disappointing thus far) Mike Adams (marginal starter) Sean Spence (IR entire career thus far)
    2013 incomplete but Bell already looks injury prone, Jones flashes, Wheaton who knows.

    Read it and weep. With our first 3 picks in the past 8 drafts we have gotten 2 quality starters in Woodley and Timmons and a probowler that has a hard time staying healthy in Pouncey. The rest has been garbage so far. Lots of time for DeCastro but thus far the biggest impact he has made came from crippling our already fragile center. We've invested 6 of these prime picks in WRs. Reid and Sweed are out of the league, Wallace and Holmes became probowl players and we sent them away, Sanders is a below average NFL starter and Wheaton is unknown. We've used 5 picks on OL of which only one has performed well to this point, but he can't stay on the field. Based on the teams 8 year history of drafting, developing and retaining WRs and OL, you can stop asking why Ben is struggling. We've spent 2 first rounders on DEs, neither of which has justified anything above a 4th round pick.

    This is a team with a glaring lack of good players with less than 8 years experience in the NFL. Don't expect a turn around this season. They are going to bottom out and the reason is, they have lost a lot of good players and not replaced them with anything close to the same talent level. Up and down the roster, they are worse than most NFL teams. Yes there are a few stand outs, but their guys 11-53 on this roster are worse than 3/4's of the leagues.

    "vrabinec" wrote:

    They'll win more than six. New blocking schemes take time to get used to. My question is, do the Steelers draw a center early next April? I know it was a freak play, but Pouncey's starting to feel a lot like Colon. Never healthy. If thete was a center in the draft who could also play guard, I'd jump on himIin the first.

    I think they will struggle to reach 6. Its not a new blocking scheme, its bad players on the OL.

    First of all, this team is not that talented. Who are their best offernsive players? Ben and who? Brown? Brown is going to be exposed badly this year. A good #2 WR, not up to going against top tier CBs week in and week out without Wallace to take the heat off. Think I am wrong? Does ANYone think Brown would have gotten what wallace got on the market? No way in heck. Brown is a nice guy and a good #2. If he is your best WR, your WR group is beow average. Move to defense. Bets players? I guess Keisel, Troy, Woodley, Ike, Timmons and Clark. 4 of those 6 guys are on the wrong side of 30. Timmons is good not great, Woodley has moments then vanishes, pulls something, and comes back fat. I keep seeing people say "with their talent." Newsflash, they have the talent of maybe a 6 win team. So I thought before yesterday. If you can't beat the Titans in your home opener I'm not sure where you can find 6 wins on the schedule.

    Tomlin said in his Tuesday press conference that they will go with the rotation to start the season; it was not just a preseason thing. However, Woodley will get fewer plays off than the other two. Probably something like 75% of the time Woodley will be on the field with Jones or Worilds, and 25% Worilds and Jones together.

    Perfect example of why I can't stand Haley. He is an egomaniac. So is Ben but guess what...Ben is a 100 million dollar QB with 2 rings. Haley has how many rings again? It's not always a bad thing that your QB thinks he is Gods gift to football. The coach has to be the adult in the coach-player relationship, needs to show more patience and maturity. Who the F is Todd Haley to tell Ben he does not have permission to change the play at the line? Ben has rings and been to probowls. He is a long time vet, a top 5 QB in the NFL. Mind you this isn't Ben saying this, this is Charlie Batch, everyone's pro's pro, ratting Haley out. Haley has no business treating Ben like a rookie. Ben has had a FAR more successful career then Haley.

    For the coaching staff to get over their issues with Dwyer's offseason and practice habits and give him the ball 16-20 times a game this year. Bell can't stay on the field and my eyes tell me Dwyer is easily the most talented runner on the roster. Yes, we all wish he worked harder and was in better shape, blah blah. Fact is, even in the shape he normally reports in (round) he is still their best option. Use him as the primary ball carrier, LSH as the 3rd down guy and let Redman have a few short yardage carries.

    "Master Blaster" wrote:

    On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with setting a lofty goal for him to work toward. With the point of emphasis being for him to "challenge" the sack record, I like and agree with that motivational method.

    Okay I will play devil's advocate. Setting the goal to break the sack record, that defines his season as a success I guess. Gee, wonder why Dale Lolley reported yesterday that the kid jumps offside at least once a practice? Does he blow contain assignments because his only thought process is "get the sack!" So if the go 5-11 but JJ gets 18 sacks should he be happy?

    I just don't like throwing numbers around like that. It's counter productive IMO. The focus becomes the individual stat opposed to team success and winning. It focuses on outcome versus assignment and in this case the outcome becomes selfish if it puts in the kid's head that running up an individual stat is more important than playing within the system.

    Landry came from a wide open air it out system where he was rarely under center. He won't be cut unless they don't believe he has the physical tools, and if that's the case shame on them for not identifying that before the draft. He will get a year to learn and if does not look like a whole new guy next camp, might be cut then.

    Right now the goal should be 1. After he gets that, then it should be 2. The kid hasn't played a regular season snap yet and the goal is for him to challenge the team record for sacks? As a rookie? And say it publicly? Hey let's not set the kid up to disappoint the fans or anything. SMH...

    I think it's exactly like every other decision a coach or manager makes. If it works, you're a genius. If it doesn't you're an idiot (see also, fake punt, suicide squeeze, etc.) If nobody significant gets a serious injury and they have a good year, people will say it was smart. If they have an injury or lose a few games near the end of the season, people will say Tomlin is an idiot, he bruned them out, etc. Thats what we do. We're fans.

    The single biggest factor in the 2013 season will be the same as in 2012; the health of Ben. They were fine until he got hurt. He was not the same the rest of the season, the offense tanked, etc. He has historically taken a lot of hits, and he cannot take the punishment he could 5 years ago. Even with a quicker pass offense last year he got hurt. If Ben's healthy they are a playoff team. If he isn't well...