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    Damn impressive highlight video. Coates is absolutely going to fly in this league at some point it seems.

    Two favorite parts of the video:
    1. The second catch shown - Coates is blanketed in double coverage, turns back to the ball and makes a falling catch. His ball tracking/positioning on that play was just slightly more impressive than the fact that he completely shielded the DB behind him from making the play.

    2. Highlight showing strengths for both our 2nd and 3rd round picks. Golson makes a great read on a short pass in the flat (that is more than likely a pick six if he makes the catch) and tips it. Coates still makes the catch after the tip. Golson is able to recover and make the assist on the push out of bounds.

    Not going to lie, with his elite ball hawking skills and apparently impressive football intelligence, I am pretty happy with this pick. As was mentioned earlier, I wouldn't be surprised if the Steelers truly are changing to the scheme a bit to cut off the short/mid passing game and forcing teams to try the long ball.

    Either way, with Timmons, Shazier, and Spence in the mix, our Nickel package should be looking pretty impressive now that we technically have an aggressive ball hawking inside corner.

    I am obviously biased since I only really watch my alma mater's games, but I would be very happy if the Steelers drafted either Johnson (round 3) or Walford (round 4) if available. Obviously, chances are Duke may not make it to round 3, however it is possible since RB does not seem to be as much of a high priority nowadays

    Duke Johnson -…s/duke-johnson?id=2552461

    Clive Walford -…/clive-walford?id=2552397

    Realistically, I think that Walford could be a good blocking/receiving TE option now that Miller is getting bit long in the tooth. However, this isn't necessarily an urgent need team-wise, so take it as one fan's wishful thinking :wink:

    Ladarius Gunter may also be an OK late round option as a project safety since he is too slow to play CB in man coverage.

    To be honest, if we have to be in this position with a four-way tie at 8-8 (hopefully) it is good that we did not beat the ravens in the second game. I can't even imagine 1) what the league would do considering the Tomlin incident and 2) all of the ridiculous crap the shoveled by the media (especially here in DC) if the Steelers made it in over the Ravens based on that win.

    "Mistah_Q" wrote:

    What's funny to me?

    The Packers might have won if not for Rodger's Injury, true.

    They also might have won if not for Steelers Injuries. We're signing O-linemen off the street and it's an improvement over the guys we started the season with. Once the season is done we may just need an introspective into our talent evaluation... :nerdy:

    Due to a ridiculous work travel schedule the only game that I've had a chance to see in the past few months has been the last Ravens game (go figure). I am pleasantly surprised by the play of the o-line, despite the fact that I have no clue what the hell will happen with that group once the year is thing we can say for sure is that with adequate blocking our offense can definitely move the ball (except on third down apparently).

    The silver lining of the season is that this team was able to at least right the ship somewhat despite the fact that the front office really crapped the bed this season. We have no business being on the verge of 8-8, but is sure is sweet all things considered. For the sake of Steeler Nation, I will follow the final game via streaming radio so I will not anger the football gods with my swearing and gnashing of teeth.

    Some may disagree with me, but as long as he is healthy, we need to keep Troy on the field and making plays (I don't care if he has to play deep-center field a la Rod Woodson at the end of his career). With his closing speed, he is still better than anyone else that we have lined up for the job for the next couple years. If you take into account his forced fumbles and 2 interceptions, he has a takeaway almost every other game or two.

    Perhaps next year we can finally see what Big Ben can do in this offense with a stud RB and an o-line. :pray:

    I haven't seen the game yet, but after reading some of the coverage, I am very interested in studying the replay on my DVR...especially the apparently serviceable work of Whimper and Beachum.

    Favorite factoid while reading about the game: Mike Tomlin calls Guy Whimper, "Abdullah the Butcher." I may not support him all the time, but I have to give props to MT for referencing one of the bloodiest, cruel, and nasty professional wrestlers ever. Maybe Tomlin's forced rebranding of Guy's name has provided some motivation to the journeyman....I assume he won't turn into a horrible human being like his namesake.

    Clark knows it too, given his media blitz in the offseason. The guy will be a great commentator on ESPN or one of the other networks. At the end of the day, I hope his departure from the team is an amicable one

    Given how lost Williams looks in coverage, this is not a surprise. Perhaps if Sly was actually able to stay on the field in preseason he may have made the team. Just another example of the poor roster management by the Steelers this year in not carrying an experienced MLB backup into the season.

    At the very least, there is a disconnect in how this coaching staff evaluates and develops the offensive line (no matter the scheme). Urbik was a completely wasted opportunity

    Wow...someone needs to tell Foster that when he pulls, he kinda needs to block someone. At least they ran it out of the power I formation haha

    I would also like to note that the bears are starting two rookies on their line...this coaching staff should be ashamed.

    "mojouw" wrote:

    WR help is available now. Although I shudder to think what the Browns would demand to send him to the Steelers. Knowing this team's luck, it would be multiple draft picks and then Gordon would get banned for life for being a drug addict. But he is tall and good at catching the ball.

    Trick the browns by setting up a 3-way trade with another team, in which the browns get a 3rd rounder from the team, who then turns around and sends gordon to the steelers for sanders and a LB prospect/draft pick. :thumbsup:

    Regarding the previous Hillis comment: If he can still run people over, he's better than Redman. I would like to see a goaline/short yardage situation with him and johnsen lined up in the power-I (even though we haven't run that formation in over a decade). Hell, see if he will take a discount for the chance to beat cleveland's ass twice a year and if he is willing to move to FB, all the better.

    "Master Blaster" wrote:

    IMO, if the Steelers can not run the ball by the end of the first quarter then stop trying trying to get different results by repeatedly doing the same things that prevents then from accomplishing that goal. That is the proverbial square peg in a round hole approach. Play to your strengths by allowing your your best offensive players, QB and receivers, to move the chains.

    I completely agree, however I would like to see them at least try to run it in short yardage situations (2-2, 3-2) to keep the defense somewhat honest. Otherwise, assuming the line can gel enough to pass block with some consistency, I would be ecstatic to see Big Ben throw the rock all over the field from the shotgun...perhaps throw Felix Jones out there an let him catch some high percentage passes in the flats.

    :rose: ...see what I did there? haha