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    Okay, I see now why OSO is on fire. You are deeply invested and really kicked the shit out of this guru thread. So, I am going to have to just take a flyer, put some crap down, and see if I can hit on the points end of things. I mean, you even analyzed the officiating team. Jeez.

    Okay, here goes.

    Ben rights the embarrassment of three picks in an otherwise great Steelers performance by throwing for just under 350 yards and 2 TDs with NO picks. Couple big chunk 3rd down plays, at pivotal moments to LG, AB really hurt Cincinnati morale. The L. Bell onslaught continues, this time, however, he leaves without injury - except for the emotional scars he leaves upon Cincinnati defenders. The emerging NFL MVP has two TDs to go along with 153 by land and 90 by air.

    On D, Hargrave gets 1.5 sacks - Dupree gets one and is a beast in the backfield with 3TFL. The old man gets 1.5 sacks with a FF and Shazier gets one and a forced fumble as well. Timmons cleans up the rest leads team with 13 tackles. Quickly developing Artie Burns gets his fourth pick of the season, and brings it back to the house on a perfectly executed screen read - for the first time we really get an idea how fast the rook is. The rest of the youth movement continues to mature with Sean Davis laying wood like Mitchell up near the line.

    A capable but non-explosive AJ Green gets a few yards, and the Bengals running game looks less productive than the Bills'.

    When it's all totaled up, despite a fairly tight, AFC North first Quarter and a half, locked up at 7-7, the Steelers mojo overpowers and eventually puts the Bengals into a deep, deep sleep.

    Steelers 38

    Bengals 20 (last TD in garbage time.)

    I checked every day to see if the thread started and then, I forgot. I even had Bell gaining 298 all purpose yards, so I was just off by one ... Oh well. I need a turban. Bengals time.

    Things are starting to get a little December footbally out there ... anyone else noticed? I'm starting to get a feelin' again. Hmmmm.

    I was on a foodie tour of Cambodia. Not too interesting to say the least. I stay in touch with JC and NewMex on social media ... Curt sometimes, but less often. But I missed you guys. And hell, I am beginning to get that "feeling" about our new, young defensive rooks Hargrave, Davis, and Burns. Anyhoo, I don't feel great about the Bills - BUT, didn't feel great about the Giants either. Hopefully they'll have Shazier just shadow McCoy - if he's controlled somewhat, we should be okay.

    Been awhile. Great to see everybody...

    I don't want to play in Philly because we always lose there. But, because we have the players to win a SB, we have to win where it is tough. That is what SB teams do.

    Because the have a rookie QB AND because we have more defensive weapons. And because we have played two much tougher teams than they, we are a bit grittier at this point of their early season.

    I like going into this that we got a W but didn't execute very well. I think we got a lesson and our playmakers likely worked extra hard. While our new secondary isn't proven, I think they are a bit better than what the Eagles are going to have to put out there against AB & Co.

    I know Fletcher Cox and their big DE are top dogs... but Pouncey, DeCastro & Company are NO JOKE. We will have some running lanes and we will have some time to throw some balls. All things considered we will win. If we get up fast, I would say by alot ... in fact, I WILL say by alot.

    Brown goes out of his skull on Sunday ... Shazier puts up 14 tackles 3 for a loss 1.5 sacks and recovers a fumble that HE causes for a TD. Artie Burns gets his 1st pick, and Carson Wentz learns some more about football. Kid's tough but not enough to beat a top AFC contender. His time will come, but not against Big Ben, not this year.

    Steelers 38 - Eagles 16

    Oh, and could you serve me up that guru turban in a 7 1/4? Thanks ...

    Pretty impressive, Lem. Pretty impressive. As a side note. BigC had Steelers 35-24 over ATL. Considering we kneeled down at their 10 ... He was pretty spot on.

    But you can't win if you don't play. All hail the guru, LEM! For what it's worth, I had the game perfect but I scrawled it in Lemon Juice - so you'll have to put it in the toaster oven to see it.

    I think the Steelers will finish VERY strong and earn their way into the playoffs. My greatest fear is getting run over by LeGarrette Blount in the playoffs. Ahh, Big Dan McCullers will handle his ass fine.

    Okay, now for the prediction. It is a positive one and based solely on the Football God's sense of irony. Ike Taylor will have four interceptions throughout the remainder of the year. In fact, he will not drop an opportunity. The joke will be the forearm protector and that its too bad he didn't break his arm the first year of his career.

    By the way, the Steelers will be playing the Patriots in the AFC Championship this year. And for some reason, I think we are going to beat them and play in the desert. I am no homer ... you all know that. I just can't shake the feeling. I think having all the experience coming back after the bye and getting some healthy bodies for depth will make the difference. I think Ben is going to compete for league MVP with the remaining games and quite frankly, this bizarro year ... I think will ultimately belong to us.

    "vrabinec" wrote:

    DHB = Dwight Stone aka Coach Killer.

    I'd take Dennard & Nix. Fix the ddefense. Worry about the offense later. Sorry Ben, no bog WR this year. That said, if Kelvin Benjamin is there in the second, I'm all over that.

    No arguments there, my friend.

    Not a bad plan. I think we are not the only ones who realize that when Diesel is healthy, he can still perform. I think he had a strip on his last play as a pro. I am fairly sure he is on our radar. I would not be surprised to see Dennard, Tuitt/Nix (one could be there), and then a WR in the third. Moreover, I think Diesel will be here after June 1. I think we will then be far more secure across the DLine and the secondary. We would be competitive. And if someone could make DHB's palms sweat stickum, we could be dangerous.

    Hell yeah, Dlinemen. I am having a hard time assessing what we actually need, though. I know Heward is a lock for LDE (pro bowler) but at NT is it Cam Thomas? See, I think it is. And then I think we see what McLendon can do at RDE. I think thats a much more natural fit for his body type. Maybe hes a little short there, but he is agile, strong, and quick. He is not an immovable force but can get some penetration in the backfield. So, if Cam Thomas can play fire hydrant, we might have our starting three.

    In this scenario, perhaps we only need a qualified veteran backup. Sure, maybe we grab the kid out of ND (the end, not Nix) in the second ... but I am concerned there are too many value picks in other need positions ahead of him. I mean, maybe we could see Hangeman from Missou at 15 ... he IS a beast, but Missou reminds me of underperforming Hood, not rookie sensation Sheldon Richardson.

    I am more a Gilbert, Denard, Benjamin, Ebron, and the WR (Im blank) from T Tech. for first rounders... Besides, virtually no rooks can step in and play the Steelers 5 technique, I don't care what their pedigree is. We will need to bring in someone later ... a vet. But yeah, we could use a good back up DE who can play both sides, and even another fat NT to start or play behind Thomas.