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    DSH you always get me fired i agree with not giving up on Dupree yet. he is still young and has a ton of athletic potential. I would almost consider moving him inside along side Williams should Williams bulk up in size and if Shazier does not return. unless of course he shows exactly what can be done with all this potential he has on the outside if he can stay healthy. I agree with pretty much everything you have said.

    i am not sure how to react either. but this does mean the FO is being proactive in trying to fix what is seemingly a weakness. i guess it's a start. i hope the surgeries have repair whatever was ailing him. if it did, this will be a nice signing.

    man were those the days... i can't even remember who invited me over but i am glad they did. this site was the place to be for the longest time. then it just fizzled. kind of bums me out.

    to think of it, you're right. they have some serious competition at the WR position and in the secondary. they have quite a bit of talent on both sides of the ball. enough talent that they will fill up the 53 man roster and also have to let some go that will probably end up on another team's 53 man roster.

    i believe he gets moved to #3. reason being is they won't go into the season with 2 young QB's with no real game experience. unless Dobbs looks that good and Houston beats him out solidly as well. then i guess you could say they try to trade Jones or cut him. but i do not foresee that happening.

    i am kind of excited to see Dobbs play. giving football all of his time i think he might be a very nice surprise at QB this year. i kind of figured Matakevich might show something because with his college resume how could he not have something to show this season. he is a player. and if Hunter is as advertised thus what a group of receivers this team can field. who the hell do you cover?

    yes it is sad. my steelers fix hasn't been filled lately. i have been a bit busy with work and then a plateful of bs i have to take care of. as sad as this is, this board is bleeding badly and may not recover and as i have said in the past, this is home to me. i don't know what to do to help to be honest.

    sorry guys... i am not up to date on all the new cool stuff. i am pretty much just a basic log on and post from a text box forum guy. but the idea is a sweet one. this time of the year is really a bad time because it is slow. but no matter what i call this forum home.

    if Ben were to get injured for any significant length of time and the steelers went out and signed a more experienced free agent to play QB i would say the stupidity of the FO is beyond measure. not because i believe in Landry Jones, but because if they don't believe in Landry Jones to that extent why the hell did you extend him rather than just signing a more experienced free agent in the first place?

    either they think Jones can play or they are idiots. what i see when i look at Dobbs is a player who is almost similar to Jones when Jones was drafted. except Dobbs has the IQ that most players don't. Dobbs also makes faster decisions and has a quicker release. i seriously believe they are hoping Dobbs can displace Jones. maybe not this year but probably next. the FO does not believe in Jones' ability to lead this team for more than a game or two. the signing of VIck proves that. which to me makes me wonder why did they give him an extension anyway? they should have just signed a better QB in free agency and been done with the failed Jones experiment.

    no offense but the idea that Dobbs was not signed to challenge Jones is a bit flawed when you also admit that if an injury to Ben were to occur the FO would just go sign a free agent anyway.

    i may not be as football savvy as many of you on here but i do understand reasoning and logic. and that just doesn't seem to fit good reasoning or even decent logic. they drafted Dobbs hoping he might displace Jones is decent logic if you also believe they won't hand the keys to Jones if a significant injury to Ben would occur.

    i see it like the if/then statements. maybe i am flawed...hell i know i am flawed but i think i am making sense with this post though.

    Odom seems kind of athletic and he goes up after a ball and catches with his hands. i understand the quality of talent that he played against but in the clips of him i have seen he seems to have decent speed as well.

    could he be a guy that slipped through the cracks? there has to be some reason he was out there?

    the more i think about it the more i suspect the CB position comes down to Gay and Golson. Burns and Cockrell are sure bets. Sutton is sure to stick too. can't see them trying to put a 3rd round pick on the PS. as i said before, i doubt they risk moving Allen to the PS because of his size and speed. i think he might be a diamond in the rough when it comes to the steelers TE coverage woes. i also think the signed Sensabaugh because they liked something about him. so that is 5 CBs. i think they will keep 6 unless they sign another safety. if they don't sign another safety i think that final CB spot is between Gay and Golson.

    and believe it or not i expect it to be Golson's athleticism over Gay's leadership and knowledge. i have a feeling the FO is starting to think on the lines of growing pains with athletic talent and less of a veteran leadership and lack of athletic ability.

    call me silly if you want to but i think Brian Allen makes the 53. they drafted him because of his size and speed. i doubt they risk losing him on the PS. as hard as it seems to be to believe i expect Gay to be the odd man out which seems ridiculous because that means they are left with all young players at the CB position with little experience. but i think it will happen.

    i think they will give Green one more shot at sticking and being uninjured and i expect Ayers to be the last WR.