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    just about done with the entire league ...

    the level of disrespect is at an all time high , and I will be damned if I put money in these lowlife bastards pockets any longer screw them and screw Art 2 too ..

    what a yellow coward he is , his namesake is rolling over in his grave

    I agree. Can't support the actions of Steelers players, coaches and ownership today. Just not interested anymore.

    Uncertainty about Sam Bradford's availability makes this game difficult to predict. If he plays, he's going to be less effective than he was against the Saints.

    Le'Veon Bell is going to get more touches this week, including catches out of the 4-wide formation. I'm also predicting more downfield targets for Martavis Bryant.

    Steelers defense bends a lot, and breaks a few times.

    Steelers prevail, 33-24

    Notes from DK Pittsburgh Sports:

    12:44: From Kaboly: I was talking to some Cleveland beat writers and they expect the Browns to test Joe Haden early. My response: With who and do you realize who Haden replaced?

    12:41 p.m.: From Kaboly: Todd Haley will be on the field and Randy Fichtner in the press box for the Browns’ game. The Steelers tinkered with flipping that around, but decided to keep it the same.

    My apologies for starting this so late, but I was waiting to see if the Steelers were going to sign Calvin Pryor. ;)

    The Browns have a young inexperienced roster, with significant holes in their starting line up due to injuries. Their defense can turn out to be pretty good, under the direction of Gregg Williams, but not this week,

    I read somewhere the Steelers are 18-3 when facing rookie quarterbacks . . . not sure what time period that covers, and most teams are probably pretty successful against rookies, but I don't believe DeShone Kizer has any idea what is waiting for him. With the secondary improved with the addition of Joe Haden and the development of Burns and Davis, the pass rush is going to benefit. Keith Butler may keep things a little more vanilla this week, just because he can, but I think we are going to see a more active defense, with blitzes coming from the secondary, stunts by the defensive line, and just a more aggressive approach in general. Having said that, Kizer will complete a couple of deep balls, one to Sammie Coates. Mike Hilton gets a sack, T. J. Watt plays a solid game; Shazier produces an interception and leads the team in tackles.

    Ben Roethlisberger is 21-2 against the Browns. The Big 4 or the Killers Bs, whatever you want to call them, are going to play well. Martavis Bryant is going to have a huge year, and it will start with a monster game against the Browns. 5 catches for 120 yards and two touchdowns. L. Bell produces over 100 yards combined, rushing and receiving. AB will quietly put up 5 or so catches for 80 some yards. The unsung hero will be Eli Rogers, who will make a couple drive extending catches on third down.

    Game ends with Landry Jones in victory formation. 35 - 13 Steelers.

    I have a funny feeling Bell sits the first game.

    Nah, they knew all along when he was going to report, and they used a Bill Belichick-type move to keep him from counting on the 53-man roster for the weekend. Cameron Sutton will be placed on I/R and Bell will sign his tender a minute later. I think he will gain 100+ yards rushing, have 5 catches for 50 more and score twice against the Browns.

    On the old OSMB, one of my favorite posters was Drunkhilbilly. I started a totally useless thread on that board, just to see how long it would take for the mods to either delete it or me. Ran for 30+ pages.:laughing: They finally deleted it. Towards the end they were banning people left and right, and if you got slightly off topic, you'd hear about. Thus this board was born.

    We'll crush them; they suck!

    While there are still a few living, breathing souls who stop by from time to time, could someone fill in the holes in my memory regarding the history of the various message boards we've been involved with?

    I first remember posting on the Official Steelers Message Board back in 2002. Does anyone remember when that went away?

    What was the name of the message board started by JC? Was it created right after the demise of the OSMB?

    I seem to remember that board crashed somehow, and everything was tragically lost, and DraftSteel emerged like a phoenix from the flames.

    DWins, did you post on the OSMB?

    I don't care how smart Dobbs is, he won't know the playbook as well as Ben ever, weeks is laughable. As we've seen tonight, knowing the playbook doesn't help when you can't read a defense and go through progressions. Throwing high and generally all over the place doesn't help his case either.

    No matter how many times we might wish against it, they are keeping three quarterbacks.

    Matakevich emerged as the back up at both mack and buck positions. Pouncey compared him to Luke Kuechly, which is high praise indeed.

    I'm anxious to see if some of the other defensive guys, who will be forced to play due to injuries to starters, are worth anything. Coty Sensabaugh, described as a "plug and play" corner, needs to play well.

    Hilton will get a lot of snaps in the slot. I can't see him unseating William Gay though.

    I hope Brian Allen plays well. If he gets a chance on special teams, he might squeeze on the roster and work his way up the depth chart. He's probably headed for the practice squad.

    I think Dan McCullers is a dead man walking, especially with L.T. Walton getting reps at NT. Wouldn't surprise me to see them go with just 5 defensive linemen (Heyward, Tuitt, Alualu, Hargrave & Walton. That would leave room for an extra receiver or defensive back.

    Ju Ju S-S is going to be great. We're going to see a lot of him against the Giants.

    Mike Tomlin gave RB Terrell Watson the nickname "Nightmare." Let's see if he lives up to it tomorrow.

    B.J. Finney gets the start at center. He has the back up spot nailed down, but he needs to play well.

    Game time thread tomorrow?