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    Week 1 L Can't win in NE

    Week 2 L Will be close. Seahawks at a disadvantage playing a 1 o'clock game, but will do enough to win.

    Week 3 L Another letdown against an inferior team in the Pacific Time Zone.

    Week 4 W Can't lose to the Bengals at home.

    Week 5 W Baltimore's new offense will be exposed by now.

    Week 6 L Not a chance on the West Coast.

    Week 7 Bye

    Week 8 W Miami is terrible.

    Week 9 W Four in a row gets our hopes up.

    Week 10 L Won't be close.

    Week 11 L Cleveland is good, and playing an away game in just a few days is never easy.

    Week 12 W Cincy will already be phoning it in.

    Week 13 W Revenge for the Thursday game. Again, fans have hope.

    Week 14 L. Same as Week 3.

    Week 15 W Buffalo will be searching for answers and tee times.

    Week 16 L Bell's revenge game.

    Week 17 L Out of the playoff hunt, we will see Mason Rudoplh start.


    As long as the page exists, I'm going to post game predictions.

    I really want this year's Steelers team to be better. I really do. However, I think they are going to take another step back this season, and miss the playoffs again.

    The match-up I like most is the Steeler defensive line vs, the NE offensive line. The only way to beat Brady is to get pressure on him and force him into some bad, or at least earlier, decisions. The problem I have is that I think Keith Butler will outsmart himself again. Julian Edelman will have double digit catches, for about 100 yards and a TD. James White will have about 80 yards from scrimmage and a TD. Josh Gordon will catch a long TD pass on a busted coverage. NE puts up 30 points.

    Roethlisberger will spread the ball around, but he will also make a boneheaded decision or two that will kill drives. The Patriots will sell out to stop the run, relying on their secondary to handle the Steelers receivers. 17 points for the good guys.

    30-17 Patriots in what will become one of the first of many disappointing defeats in 2019.

    Training camp has started.

    T. J. Watt on the PUP list. Not supposed to be serious, but hamstring injuries always concern me.

    Artie Burns looks like he's trying.

    Sutton Smith will be the camp phenom.

    The "other" Dionte" is showing more than the drafted Dionte.

    If anyone is out there, what are your thoughts on the first couple of days?


    Plug -n- Play starter at a position of need


    Jessie James is as good as gone. Vance McDonald can't be relied upon to stay healthy.


    Excels at setting the edge in run defense; will develop as a pass rusher.


    The AB saga makes WR a position of need. Love Sills' height and work ethic.


    Small, but physical. Would fit as a nickel back.


    After watching Okereke in the Sun Bowl, I'm not sure he will last until the 6th round.


    6-foot-8, 295-pounds.

    Last team with the ball may be the winner. I'm not that optimistic though. The Falcons are going to exploit the many weaknesses in the Steelers defense, and the Steelers offense won't score enough to overcome the defensive shortcomings.

    Falcons 45

    Steelers 33

    I was waiting to see if Ju Ju was going to play after being limited in practice earlier in the week.

    I'm looking for a game a lot like the Vikings at Rams on Thursday. Both offenses are going to have success, but the defense that can come up with a stop when it is most needed will provide the margin of victory.

    I think the Steelers will be that team, and Matthew Thomas will be the guy to step up. It could be a sack, an interception or just a QB hurry, but my crystal ball says the undrafted rookie becomes the difference maker.

    The two tight end formation continues to be successful. Jesse James gets a red zone TD.

    James Washington will see significant playing time and contribute with a long TD reception.

    James Conner will serve as the every down back, but Steven Ridley gets more than 5 snaps. Running game continues to be an afterthought in the Roethlisberger offense.

    Steelers will not commit more than 10 penalties.

    Steelers 33

    Ravens 31

    FitzMagic runs out.

    Steelers 31

    Buccaneers 27

    T. J. Watt not asked to cover a receiver down the field and responds with a couple of sacks.

    Sean Davis gets a pick.

    Two tight end formation is effective; AB benefits with 6 catches and a TD.

    Conner runs enough to keep them honest; 67 yards rushing. 4 catches for about 40 yards.

    Jordan Berry pins the Bucs deep a couple of times.