WR Depth Just Got Even Deeper

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    • WR Depth Just Got Even Deeper

      Severin is back. steelersdepot.com/2017/05/stee…-qb-schuessler-lb-blount/

      So there is a freakish amount of WR depth on the roster currently. Wonder if they consider keeping more than 5 or 6?

      15 Ayers, Demarcus WR 5-9 190 22 1 Houston

      84 Brown, Antonio WR 5-10 181 28 8 Central Michigan

      10 Bryant, Martavis WR 6-4 211 25 3 Clemson

      14 Coates, Sammie WR 6-1 212 24 3 Auburn

      83 Hamilton, Cobi WR 6-2 201 26 2 Arkansas

      88 Heyward-Bey, Darrius WR 6-2 210 30 9 Maryland

      11 Hunter, Justin WR 6-4 203 25 5 Tennessee

      17 Rogers, Eli WR 5-10 187 24 3 Louisville

      Severin, Canaan WR 6-2 205 24 2 Virginia

      19 Smith-Schuster, JuJu WR 6-1 215 20 R USC

      16 Tucker, Marcus WR 5-10 190 24 1 Northern Michigan

      I feel that I can easily see Cobi Hamilton getting cut. He's big and he made a few catches, but he is just a guy and not likely to get significantly better.

      Unless Marcus Tucker is the second coming of AB, he isn't necessary because Ayers and Rogers do the same things. Unless there is something about Tucker that I don't know about - which is most likely the case.

      AB, Bryant, Coates, Smith-Schuster, and Rogers are "locks".

      That means that Hunter, Heyward-Bey, Severin, and Ayers are competing for 1-2 spots.

      There are some NFL teams that would be less than upset to have that as their top 4.
    • One Side Only wrote:

      Wouldn't categorize Coates as a lock.

      Word is they are worried about Bryant's hip as much as they are his ability to stay off the wacky weed.
      that was Mr Ed the talking horses ass talking out his ass again ... nothing to it

      Bryant even questioned him said WTF you talking about ..................

      Hip is fine he is stronger and faster than ever
      "They that give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
      Ben Franklin